Healing the lands! Patterns of healing…confession, thanks, then into Praise!

Jesus Presence brings healing-in ourselves and on the earth! Jesus heals people, things, land, cities, nations. We are invited to partner with Him as agents of healing of the land. We consecrate both space and time in doing so. Often, Christians have excluded the land itself in their practice, as being to earthly or carnal. This is a confusion. The earth is what we were made of, and meant to tend and help make whole! Often, we have neglected Nature itself, but this was never God’s intention. He loves His Creation as He loves all His Creatures. And we in collaboration with Christ, become agents of healing the land! This understanding of how humans were meant to relate to earth, is one of the most important global conversations in our time. The geo-spiritual climate will become increasingly obvious and emphasized in our season.

Being able to spiritually sense the density and weight of spaces, neighborhoods, cities, and to learn how to confess and be partners in healing these places will become increasingly urgent in our days!

Jesus is Lord over soil, sight and skin. That is again, He is Lord over every dimension of Reality—the earth, our perceptions, and our physicality! There is no place where He is not Lord. Yet, we usher in His Presence through our active partnership with Him. We pray spaces, sight and our physical lives into a healing relationship with Our Maker through Christ! We partner by confessing our sins and the sins of our parents, then thanking Him for Coming and dealing with these sins, then praising Him in that place in order to dissipate the weight of sin on that land!

When we pray over a place, we see what has happened there, and we join Him in confession, thanks and praise for God’s intervention on its behalf! Through the Cross of Christ we apply the Blood of His Life into that space, and we experience its healing.

There are basic patterns to all types of healing. Here are some notes towards recognizing them….

Patterns of all types of healing: confession of sins, thankfulness for His Cross (apply the Cross to that person area land city nation), then Praise Him in that place (praise lifts off the weight of the history of sin in that area)! If healing a place or land, you confess the sins of all those who have been there since the flood (really!), then thank Him for His Cross and intervention in the history of that place through His Blood (pleading the blood)-then thanks and praise heals the land. That simple really. It also applies to people. Any unconfessed sin, blocks His Blood. So we ask the Holy Spirit to convict us of all sin, which we know scripturally to be promised—the Holy Spirit will convict us of all sin; and the Holy Spirit ca show us the sins of our forefathers on that land or area; this part is through spiritual insight! Then we as little priest can confess those sins and invite Jesus in! Praising Him for His Presence. His Presence IS healing!

CONFESSION THANKS into PRAISE is the pattern for all healing. First we must confess! IF, we confess our sins, He is then faithful to forgive them, and cleanse things, and make them whole through the power of His Cross. Healing is contingent on confession! That is the only starting point. Which is why the Holy Spirit comes and brings conviction of sins! That is the starting point whether in personal healing or more collective.

There is really only one way to be healed or made whole in broken areas. We must become little priest with Jesus; confessing our own and other’s sins, applying His Forgiveness to ourselves and others; and thanking Him for forgiving us and other, then praising Him for entering that spot and making it whole again. There is no other Name or Person by whom we are healed. And it is by His Stripes alone that we are healed.

Mere exposure of a wound does not heal it. The Holy Spirit exposes as He leads us, and we apply Jesus Blood and Life into that area. Healing is a Spirit led process. Traditional therapy can bring up wounds, but unless Spirit directed the wrong wounds can be brought up at the wrong time. We must be lead in healing by His Holy Spirit who convicts guides and then comforts us!

When we are praying for healing over places, neighborhoods of cities, it is the same pattern. We ask the Holy Spirit to guide the process showing us what needs to be confessed, and forgiven and then cleansed by The Blood. And then we praise Him for coming into that area. This heals racism and any other wounds of a neighborhood. We once lived in a neighborhood that had great fear and intimidation. People walked in fear and slept in intimidation. The sins of the fathers had not been confessed in that borough, and it was tangibly obvious. When believers pray confession, thank, praise—applying all the benefits of the Cross, the atmosphere of a neighborhood changes. This is how we bring light into dark places. It is our priestly service and partnering with Jesus which changes cities and nations, even parks!

If many rapes have occurred in your local park, get a group together and pray for it! Confess the sins of all which has happened there. Be thankful that Jesus died for that park! And invite Him in, applying His Blood to that area. Then praise Him fervently, and you will feel the weight or density of that area shift!

If car accidents keep happening on a road near you. Go pray! Confess, thank Him, and Praise. You will start seeing that road being the safest in your area!
This is how we bless the land, and partner with God in healing the land! This can be done over rivers or geo-spiritual spaces as well!

There is always a spiritual dimension to land. If we stop in Him and sense, we will start to feel the layers of everything which has happened over time in a certain place. This is part of prayer layers-or spiritual mapping. We get to know the spiritual textures of a place, and have the opportunity to spiritually partner with God in cleansing the land. It’s possible also to retrieve the righteous inheritances of that space. I recall once at a monastery in the north of England, God showed me there were two staffs there, neither of which had been picked up in over 200 years. I asked if I could hold them. Immediately I felt His Authority and healing power on those canes. Later that day, i saw a literal wooden shepherds’s staff which had been left by one of the rectors of that monastery years ago. It looked the same, as what I had seen by His Spirit. Things have happened there, both good and bad. Let the Holy Spirit direct you to confess the sins of your human family there. Be little priest with God. You will leave a blessing which will outlast your life on the earth, when you do!

Our commission in Genesis was to tend, work, cultivate. After the fall, this shifts slightly to heal, make whole-kratos-ie to help make complete or one. That is one of our tasks on this earth while here. To help heal the land. Being in Christ, offers us this privileged partnership, where we truly leave things better than we found them! That’s part of being little priest with Him, who is Our High Priest. We are healed, and we become agents of healing.

Many of you already know the basic patterns of healing, but God often reviews things with me which are needed again. Sometimes its good to re-remember the basics. The pattern of healing is also seen in prayer patterns throughout the Bible. I think of Daniel’s prayer as revealing this confession into thanks into praise pattern very clearly.
Sometimes we think of healing as only applying to ourselves or others. But this pattern also applies to land and places. If we want to heal the earth, we will have to go through this Spirit led process each time. The basics are still basic. Happy He is reminding me of a few of them this season! Hope you all are finding healing and His Life through each season as well! And I challenge you to join Him as mini-priest in His healing of the lands!

Our original commission to tend His earth has not changed. The fall introduced an interruption and struggle. It is our struggle in the second Adam, who is Christ, to reclaim the lands we are given to cause them to be fruitful in Him. To cause them to be spiritually fruitful. To cultivate into completion! We are His agents and partners in this collaboration! In communion with Jesus as Priest, we get to heal the earth, and the many lands which need His Cleansing. The cleansing issuing from His Cross and daily moment by moment interventions through and with His People. It’s a high calling to clear the land and make it once again fruitful. There is so much to learn of spiritual seeing and deep prayer work with Him. Many are called, few chosen. Let us be the chosen in healing our lands in Him!

A simple how to?
With a small group pick an area of your neighborhood or city, and ask the Holy Spirit to show you what needs to be confessed there. Start praying and it will be revealed. Gather the layers of prayer insight. Then start confessing those sins, and applying His forgiveness. Get to know Him in His priestly life—it’s so cool! And you will be surprised how your spiritual sight gets sharpened in the process! It’s just as in Spirit led counseling, you just have sudden insights! Then you will be led to thank Him immensely for His intervention on the Cross, and be led to praise ecstatically. This praise will lift the weights on that place. Just try it and see. It’s intense how much He wants to be allowed into those neglected places, those forsaken lands!

God longs for willing partners. As we enter His Son, who is and was the most willing partner, we are caught up in His healing activities on the earth. We are astounded again by His kind potency in bringing life where we planted death! There is no greater collaboration.

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