Words over this year!

Practicing the prophetic again!

Recently I’ve been making lots of prophetic art up on my roof. I asked Him what that was about, and here’s what He said: I’m speaking words over this year through your creative process.

This was interesting, because I’ve been recently practicing prophecy from my creative process: I often make art, and then ask God what it means. He communicates to me through making art, and symbolically. In this little article outpouring, i want to try to share some of what He has given me for this year, try to interpret it a little and offer some simple applications. It’s just the start of an essay about this year. Now, back to my roof art.

When i get on the roof i am saying, we need to get onto the high places with Our God and praise Him, and create in freedom with Him, and that this will bless those around us, with an atmosphere of Love, and freedom from fear. Lots happening in the heaven lies, so we are to be a people of praise and peace making an atmosphere of creative life and freedom in the midst of tumult, terror and world’s fears. We are agents of partnership in bringing His Kingdom down; so we go up on the rooftops and sing or express His Presence on the earth. This is not removal from the world’s problems, it is a solution to them. The King of Glory is THE solution for all the confusions of the world. When we make room for Him, He will enter in! Whether through creative gestures, prayer, or silence. He will enter in. So in this sense its a year of prayer or turning towards Him often!

I’m also saying its a year of praise, and active rejoicing! As things get more tumultuous, the people of God must actively practice staying abiding in His Presence, and being thankful for who He is. He INHABITS the praises of His People. It’s a spiritual law, we will need to practice this year, as much is shaking on earth and in the heavenly realms.

It’s a good time to be in the ark—to be solely in His Presence. So, pray more, praise more—in your own style or form, come often into His Presence and praise Him. This will make room for His Presence on earth, which is really what is needed to bring Peace into airports, nexus points, nodes of exchange etc-where there is now so much fear of terror etc.

So we will need to pray and praise more this year. To saturate more in Him. Prayer is very important, because when the people of God will turn and humble, He will forgive and enter in. This is part of being salty this year for the world. Prayer is an orientation to be face to Face with God—it grows intimacy with His Actual Self or Presence. This is the year of drawing very near.

There is lots happening in the heavenly realms this year, so keep our eyes on Him—fix our gaze to gain understanding like Daniel did! Daniel is a good model in fact, for he was very much in the world, but never lost his focus on God and His People. That is how we are to be in not of the world this year. Not just a removed prayer people, though Jesus tells us to pray in private to The Father. But an active in but not of the world people. This year many will be allowed to speak into society on new levels.

A spirit of discernment helps tell the difference between angelic and demonic activities, so we are not overwhelmed by the spiritual shaking above this year. But we will sense this turbulence above, as it interfaces with world events. Again, we need not fear, because Our King is King of the armies of heaven, and is the Captain of all His Angels. So we are in the one who is in charge and so need not fear.

Lots of art (film etc) will focus on all this activity in the heavens this year. And many will have a higher impact in their field or spheres of influence. Like Daniel, we will sense more going on in the heavens, but also have larger impacts in our “fields” on earth. Many will be given higher impact and influence in their spheres or cultural areas.

A new level of consecration unto God is available and required!

We are a people “of God” set aside as a place for His Meeting humanity. This year we can experience a new level of consecration unto Him. Unto Him alone. This separating us out is necessary for the good of the whole society-especially in times of tumult.
So practice separating out yourself, just for Him. He needs His People in Peace and not constant fear and trembling. He needs an inner calm people before Him, who know His Rest, and can model that for the world. Rest in Peace my people, draw near AND KNOW Me! Yada God. Know intimacy with The Father of your Peace, the one who walks on water as they tremble. The one who knows you.

This is a year of being known and knowing. To be searched and known by Our God. Psalm 139. Search us and know us. Come near to us as we draw near to You Lord.

There will be His special Presence among refugees and knowing Him as Our Refuge!
You are our REFUGE. This year many will experience God as True Refuge regardless if on the external they are refugees. We are all in the diaspora, all immigrants and foreigners. There is a huge harvest among the displaced this year. Many refugees will meet directly with God. That field is ripe globally! What looks like tragedy could be the biggest victory spiritually ever! Among those who are displaced, His Presence is poured out like oil and wine—fragrances cover those people in need globally. His Fragrance-the fragrance of Christ.

Lastly, as turmoil increases in the world, fear not; He is with us! Nearness is the hallmark of this year. As we stay focused only on God, He is drawing tangibly nearer this year. Year of intimate encounters with Our Lord. Visitations and sweet exchanges. Fragrant Whisperings in and through His Holy Spirit! It is a warm year not cold spiritually speaking. In the tone of intimacy, He comes—as song of solomon He draws very close. Proximity will determine destiny. What you are close to and how close is this year’s question. Those close to Him already, will be drawn closer. Those close to evil will bond more with the dark, unless they actively turn. Like two magnets pulling in opposing directs. Stark contrast! Year of stark bold obvious contrast between light and dark. This is Mercy to offer a clear choice.

In my art the first part is like revelation, i want to keep practicing adding interpretation, application. This year He is sharpening my prophetic again. The best way to do so, is to practice it, so I’ll be writing some basic prophetic articles from what He reveals to me; then trying to download their interpretation and give little applications.

My dream life has been off the charts—He has been communicating almost every night for many months through my dreams. But in this article, I wanted to start with art-as He often teaches me and talks to me directly through the symbolic creative process.

In California, i was reading the sky, and saw His Arm recently and He recalled to me the word He had given me there years ago. That as in the days of Noah, a shaking is coming globally. The times will get so tumultuous even His friends will be forced to cling to Him. Times of tumult so intense, that people will be forced to choose. This was before 911. When i was at 911, i felt that first shaking from this word. That was a global tremor, and there was much happening in the spiritual realm all around it.
He took me out to a lake afterwards in Pennsylvania and it was so calm. I swam out into sunset, and when i returned and woman and her son were there skipping stones. Life is still worth it, and Our God is Peace in the midst of tumult.

Of course, He had sent me to bear witness to that event from England. I was told which flights to get on, and flew to Logan International rented a car and drove to NYC just as the 911 events began. We were stuck on the George Washington bridge, as the first building started to fall. I felt it was significant that I was trapped on George Washington bridge—the first father of our nation. There were many other things He showed me that day through symbols, and in direct contact with people.

I will write more about that day later, but my point here is that God prophecies in many ways—it can be participation in actual events, or through art making or directly through His Word. He almost always uses the bible to explain to me symbolic communications. And I continue to grow up into the prophetic aspect of His Life in me. This year we need to listen to Him through His many mediums or styles of communication. He is always communicating, but this year, i believe one reason He is making my own prophetic more keen, is that He needs people to be listening to Him in many languages or formats, the symbolic being one.

On that day in NYC, nearly everything felt symbolic and like a clear communication from Him. Still, i had to ask Him later to interpret it. The spirit of understanding is always nearby the spirit of prophecy, and both lead us deeper into Jesus. As the spirit of prophecy IS the spirit of His testimony! God is a communicator and wants to reveal Himself in a way which makes sense to us, so that we know things. We are in a relationship with a God who likes to be known and understood. Yes, His Ways are higher, but He is clearly not aloof from His children.

We are the ones to where He does not come as a thief in the night. We watch, and know and are prepared. This is a year to be prepared, as things are shaking at the level they were just before 911. Like a pre-tremour. So we are thankful, and praise and trust Him, and seek to know and understand Him in these turbulent times. So we may partner with Him in our particular ways as His People on earth. We do not fear as others do, for our faith is not in economics or physical safety—our faith is The Sustainer of all things, Jesus Our Lord and close Friend!

Sometimes God whispers, and is not in the fire or tornado. But when we are very close to Him, we will know His Voice; for His sheep know His Voice through this intimacy. This is a year of increasing intimacy, of drawing very near. Of listening to Him and actually meeting Him; then we will hear Him through symbols, the news, nature, or however He speaks to us. To even interpret which stories really matter in the news, we need this closeness to His Spirit. Otherwise, we will be thrown too and fro this year, as every day has new global tragedies. We need to know what is ours to behold, and be led by His Spirit to understand what He shows us. This spiritual focus is also very important this year!

More soon from the prophetic. Be blessed afresh this year. It’s an exciting year on so many levels, as we keep our gazes fixed on Him, we will know ever increasing levels of insight and intimacy. So thankful to be alive in these days!

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