The Oneness of Prayer-a brief meditation on what prayer actually is

Because we are becoming one, or integrated as God is One already, when we pray and see things, we are also able to feel them and encounter them as whole realities. By praying in Him, we are learning to participate in more of the Divine Nature in its wholeness and integration, and participating in more of His likeness-in His Oneness. We ourselves, do not just see when we pray-we, also, think, feel and know, the other, through and in Christ, as He is praying. The higher or deeper into Him, we move in our prayer life, the more we share in His Total Nature as we pray. Prayer is a way of knowing and therefore loving God through the interceptive and intercessive activity of Jesus Christ. He is the High Priest ever living to make intercession. To commune with Him, in this aspect of His Identity, is what prayer is. In this way, prayer is our most basic spiritual practice. It is the practice of communing with Christ in His highest and most intimate function. Prayer was the key to Jesus’ spirituality on earth, as it was with all the great spiritual parents throughout history, for it allows us access into the very Heart of The Father. For we are overhearing and being allowed to partner in, the dialogue between The Son and The Father. This is to dwell in their particular intimacy. This is where they share their secret thoughts with one another. And we, as those “in Christ”, gain access to this place of mystical intimate exchange by praying with Jesus. This is the highest metaphor on earth–The Son speaking intimately with His Father; pleading, thanking, conversing as a friend and lover on behalf of His friends and lovers! Prayerful waiting was also the origin point for the original church. This is what they were doing when “The Gift” that Jesus promised came–they were waiting expectantly in prayer. This has been exactly the orientation of His People before every single revival throughout church history! Paul said, even when not with people, that he filled up with the affections of Christ for them. This is because Christ actually is and was there with others, entirely praying on their behalf. He did not just intercede for us once, He ever is living to make this ongoing intercession. It’s part of who He is by nature. So when we enter with Him in prayer, we also are there-as one Body in communion with Him, and with those we are praying for. What a privileged prayer is.

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