Noah’s ways and days

Noah had to reclaim, recall and preserve the identities of all the animals, so they could continue to reproduce as God’s expressions of Himself on the earth. This guy’s calling is often overlooked; but if you do consider it. He partnered with God to preserve all the “kinds” of animals on earth. To preserve their names-or identity continuum. God was about to deluge the earth, but wanted to preserve His creatures as His expression and i think in care and love for them.The echo of Adam’s voice was still on the animal’s skin and bones, and Noah heard it! They remembered and still do, Adam and God in the garden naming them together. But this identity that was called forth back in the garden, now had to be preserved during the flood. Noah was given this task of preserving the creatures essential identity, so that they could afterwards, once again, produce after their own kind.

Noah, was the one given the task of not just dealing with people’s rebellion but if we look closer, at preserving the names of the animals, or again at least of reminding them what they were.
Noah’s calling was amazing. Few of us have been asked to help preserve more than 40 people; but this man had to preserve the whole original expression of God through HIs creatures.

I also image Him seeing leopards, lions, elephants and thinking where are these meant to go; what type of container could I put them in for this flood. God flooded out everything for 40 days–the last time He did this! There is a similar spiritual flood coming! But every creature that God desired to continue to express Himself through made it on that boat. Noah’s calling was to gather them and separate them out and feed them for this period of time. What an amazing calling Noah had. The supernatural force required to gather two of every kind of animal is only from God, but we wonder since Noah was partnering with God, if He felt the call of the wild rush through his own throat–the sonic signal that drew forth all these animals to trust Noah and be gathered to his floating haven. What an amazing superpower-to call forth all the animal kingdom to safety.

Again if we are in days, ‘as in the days of Noah’; what is our relationship to the animals and creatures going to look like, but also all the creatures which need safety, clear understanding of their identities, and preservation in order to multiply. They will need havens now as well; restorers of identity. Those who remind them who they are; whisper their names to them, and let them flourish and multiply in the haven of His Kingdom. I think God will partner with many people to tend the creatures in our days, and the coming ones. People God raised up to care for and preserve and even cause the creatures to flourish. He will give these healing powers and gathering powers, and then the shepherd’s wisdom of how to preserve their names.

Now if we are going into times, “as in the time of Noah” what could that mean for the creatures?
Noah was like the 1 and 1/2 adam. Jesus was the 2nd! But what an assignment!–not just building the boat by God’s blueprints, but feeling God’s magnetism to pull all the animals in, and to bear witness to them all–all that diversity of expression of who God is, into this single vessel of preservation. Wow–what a moment to watch all these amazing creations God had made, walk up into that boat. Noah rocked! What an amazing man.

If we are symbolically the Noah’s meant to preserve things during the floods of tribulations coming. Then how do we prepare for such a task. Look at Noah beforehand. I think basically Noah needed intense faith even to prepare for the flood. As it looked beyond foolish. He is like the mad scientist Tom Waits plays in Mystery Men. But it also took vision; He had to see the plans for the ark and then building skills access to actual resources etc. I think these faith vision and building power, and an ability to deal with intense supernatural power. This thing of God calling forth two of all types of creature, would terrify many people, but Noah was ok with the supernatural. So will we need to be ok with seeing intense signs of His Power.

Noah also had to know the names of each creature. So He knew all these aspects of who God was as well. So Noah did have a very intense participatory knowledge of who The Father was. Noah and God were very good friends. This intimacy with Father God is another thing implied in Noah’s spirituality that I think is required for the times we are in and going into. People need to really know The Father! To the point where they would remember all the names of the animals God had made. That memory would have to stretch back, for Noah until the garden times. Noah was hearing Adam’s echo! As He gathered these creatures named by Adam years later. He had to remember for himself and then, recall what each animal was “in” God, and make a space to preserve them, so they could continue to reproduce after their kind. All the creatures we see today, are here because he was faithful to his task! Something to meditate on. Noah’s calling. Wow again.

Also what do animals symbolize? Well each a different aspect of God, a unique nuance of His Being. Again they are His art flowing from His Being. Cheetah speed etc; so what if each of these aspects needs to be present on the earth while these trials and tribulations and shaking are occurring, as a sign to God Himself! God needs a rainbow too! He needs to see that creation was a good idea, and be reminded by the diverse animal kingdom! Let Him look how beautiful the leopard is, and sleekly precise to recall; let Him watch the wild wolves in snow; the otters playing, the things of the deep emerging doing their unseen ballet. Let Him notice the unique bonds, packs and patterns of flight. of his flying creatures; and hear the elephants talking to one another as they eat. Let Him rejoice in His Own creation! And be glad as He tends it with us!

Noah allowed God to do this. He was a man of faith, man of vision, man of practical building skills, man of God. We need all of these to fulfill our callings on earth. Intense faith, prophetic vision, practical building networks and skills, and to actually know who God is. We, like Noah, are preservers, restorers of names of identity, haveners and wise builders, and people who know The Father. We are especially called to be these things in our times of turmoil, and the ones coming. Noah’s life is a way in God; and it is model for our times in many ways.

“As in the days of Noah, i will pour out My Spirit on all flesh!” On all flesh. So we will know His Spirit by our spirit’s and move in Noah’s desire to preserve things in order to reproduce them after their kind in The Father. The Father by nature is reproductive and we are also called to allow His Ways to reproduce on the earth! This is part of the spiritual highway, and house not made by hands. But we are also His collaborators and co-builders of His Kingdom on earth. He says through Noah, i will not stop partnering with humanity to express, cultivate steward the earth. And we are his supernatural stewards in our times. We are those, in His Son, who preserve, haven and cause to preserve and reproduce the identities of all the creatures which are His to gather. If our times are like Noah’s days, our ways must be like Noah’s as well. Our orientation to flood like times, is to be Noah’s.

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