New Year’s “words”! En-Joy!

New Year’s blessings everyone! I wanted to put up some ongoing and raw “words” God has been placing on my heart as I prayed over our new year. I will continue to expand these, but wanted to shoot them out there in their nascent form for now. May they bless and expand your hearts this year, as His Kingdom comes more fully in each of us! Jumping right in…

A year of ongoing incarnation, not just visitation! When someone visits us, it is assumed they will leave. Not this year–He wants to visit and stay and dwell in and with us. The guest who never leaves! Please Lord, come stay in my inn!

Yes, He will visit us, but He also wants to live out through us–to inhabit ourselves, our projects, our travels our whole lives. This is a year in which Christ really wants to be very tangibly present in all we are becoming and all we are doing. Could call it a year of holism, if that word weren’t stolen; bec it is a year where Christ wants to enter every area of life. Jesus is Lord over the whole House, and wants to live in the whole house. We are that house, and we are becoming that spiritual house together in Him!

For many this past season was one of hidden preparation. This season we will come out of hiding and fly!

It’s also a year of promotion of levels of spiritual authority; for all those willing and readied. Almost like this past season was bringing things into the light, or making them visible; now what is inhabitable will be inhabited. Whatever is truly in Him will stand and flourish; what is not will be exposed as useless.

A time of proclaiming, broadcasting speaking–in Ezra’s time, prophets (Haggai and Zachariah and others) were called forth to speak and muster the people in preparation for the rebuilding of the temple. They encouraged leaders, and mustered the general public. “They strengthened the kings into their tasks,” as one commentator put it! We are in a time like that. This is why I think I am getting His burning heart for the leaders. God is calling forth people to speak and proclaim in preparation for the reformation and rebuilding of the living temple which we together are (I Cor3:16)! Many need to speak their “truths”. To say openly what parts they know in Him so far. It is not about having the whole word–we will piece together as many speak parts of the whole communication. But He wants each of us to speak our parts-what we have been shown so far. This is one of His Ways, to broadcast His Plans and Heart before a fuller incarnation. In this sense, it is the season to speak and proclaim.

A year of accelerated spiritual technology offered. Just as last year, He was going back in and quickly maturing some dormant or less mature areas in ourselves; so this year there is accelerated growth of these and already mature areas of our lives. He needs as much of us as possible to be ready to go! So there is this rapid maturation if we are willing. Not a droning laborious season of slow aging; this is more like a sudden whole arm that grows back. I imagine this acceleration applies to healing as well. Like healing in fast forward motion.

I see overt miracles also this year. This again has to do with His fuller incarnation. When Jesus is here, things spring to life.

The way I have been experiencing this new season, is like Jesus is looking out through me. The sense is that Jesus enters us more fully and lives out through all our activities. As I have been praying, it is usually like Jesus is standing beside me, or doing something, and I am nearby. This year has Him more inside and reaching His Arms out through mine literally. That’s the image of it. Jesus wearing us!

Another way of saying this more generally, would be this is a year of His Actual Presence. Not “over there” somewhere but right here!

I think many things and people who have been in hiding or have been hidden by God will come out and be seen–in many areas. I see many prayer people even who will need to prophecy and teach some of the hidden things God has revealed to their hearts. in public! Like the levites who had to explain scriptures, and expound the inner meaning of the text to the crowds, so these who have been given things “in the dark”, or in the garden, will need to bring them out into the light and into the courtyards and marketplaces of humanity-for the good of the whole.

We are in and on the cusp of another re-formation–a deeper one. Just as this last season caused many of the church’s sins to be brought out into the light, so these areas can now be healed and inhabited and made useful in Him. The original reformation was a corrective movement and tore at religious spirit in the church–that false altar of man’s power instead of God’s Grace. This one will also tear and bang at witchcraft, and places the church has used manipulation and hype instead of God’s Actual Presence and Life to evangelize and attract. Many programs will be shown to have been built on straw; other’s in Him will flourish and reproduce! Whatever is in Him will reproduce many times over! It is a reproductive year!

A year of what’s in the Spirit will fly!

A year of new alliances and linkings between people and communities–as He places us in His Patterns and arrangements. We who are being built together into a living temple for His Presence, will find some new links or living stones near us, and be glad. One’s which are meant to work together to manifest His Kingdom. So new alignments or partnering this year.

Many have been asked or stirred in this past season, to come out and follow The Cloud again–to chase after and seek new meeting places with God. Now we are to live in this Cloud we have been chasing! He called us out for His Purposes, and now wants us to live in the new meeting places!

He said to me, that as He comes more fully into me, some would be repelled, others attracted. We need to get used to the higher frequency of His Presence, and its effect on those around us. Again, things are either magnetized or repelled by the Presence of God in us; and this will become more overt in our daily experience.

The dream will become incarnate this year. Not just the vision, but the dream becoming realized, actualized, made manifest. This is a year where the unconscious becomes conscious metaphorically. The hidden things are seen and made manifest. There is a reason so many new species of animals-specifically fish (creatures of the deep) have been discovered this past year, and so many creatures of the deep have washed up on our shores. The hidden is being seen and revealed. Both the dark hidden things and the things of God. The enemy’s plans, and The Lord’s are being made visible this year. This is because God is incarnating into the whole.

Whatever is in each of us which is in Him will flourish, whatever is not, must die, or be exposed.
The DNA of things will be seen and made overt. The foundations are being laid bare. Whatever is truly in Him will stand, what is not will be seen. Both the hidden things of God and the hidden things of the enemy will be spotlighted.

The leviathan also is revealed this year. I saw a story of the largest snake ever that showed up at a family picnic, and was shot. It was the right idea to shoot the snake in this case. There are giant beast to be revealed this year, that must be taken down–in ourselves and in the world. Not by physical violence, of course, but through prayer and in His Spirit.

This is a year where true authority will be made visible. I myself will wear a sign of authority and be received in it. Those who do not know me will still recognize His Authority on me. And I can reveal the inner cape to them. For some it will be knowledge, others encouragements etc. It is like an Irish cloak.

This is a year, where many will be moved forwards into Him, and also in their proper positions. It is not a hidden year, but a year where the hidden things are revealed. We will also be made more visible in the aspects which are in Him.

This will be a year of relocations, repositioning, internally and, for some, externally. When God stands up, things shift their positions to orient more exactly to Him. So will we.

Things are advancing in Him. He is pressing into us! A year of great advances! Moving forward. Not a sleepy waiting year, but one in which all that is “in Him” will accelerate in growth.
Whatever is next is already stirring. And we are hungered for it. And it is coming now. This is not a time of pause, but of play!

I personally am being stirred for the leaders of the church–spiritual parents and grandparents. And getting a refreshed love for His Church, as she is and as she will be. Seeing her more as a person He is in love with. A person who needs help to shine and stand tall. You may have other things awakenings. Whatever you are feeling in Him is alive and where He is taking you. Go there in Him and let Him expand it., continue to cultivate there! Find the good soil–the fertile activating soil. There is a moveable feast there ready and available–eat and enjoy His gorgeous banquet in these unexpected places in your life!

Things that have been unconscious will be made conscious and manifest this year. Things that have been hidden–like many of the prophetic people and kings and queens leaders–will be revealed! They will be seen, and their authority will be recognized by others. This is a year of manifest Glory–His Glory. So whatever in us can reflect and hold, contain this glory is valid and will reproduce. Whatever is false will fall away, if we allow it. It’s interesting that He is speaking to so many in the format of dreams lately. Dream itself as a symbol of holistic and symbolic communication–3D conversations with God. God talking to us in the unseen as we sleep, and us harvesting that in the waking hours of our days. He has given us a new pleasure in harvesting what was planted in the night; and bringing it out into the light of day! Sharing it as teachings, encouragements, words etc. There is no place where God is not–as David wrote in Psalm 139. In this season, He is making this more obvious!

This is a time where the unseen will be seen. A time of the obvious choice. Where it is more black and white for us, and we can know. A season of clear discernment. And a season where the gift of discernment is absolutely needed. What is in Him will be made clear to those with His Eyes to see–it will be obvious what is in Him, and what is not; and we will be able to judge the motives more clearly.

When foundations are revealed, we see which parts are rotting, and which parts are resting in Him. We then choose to dislodge the rotten, and reinforce the blooming. Foundations are crucial for we can only go out to the degree that we are rooted and grounded in His Love. Love is a key for this season–it is the center to which we must keep returning. It is the grounding force. His Love will expand in us this year. It will be even hot or burning at times as our hearts get used to the size of His Heart in us! It will overwhelm us, but in gratitude; and this will spill out onto others and attract them to The Father. In this sense, it is a year of attracting people to God. Be ready for this–force of attraction in His Holy Spirit. Wise men follow and are magnetized by Him–even unconsciously, they come not by our hype, but by His Power and Shining.

Last year, unexpected arrows flew-both good and bad ones. This was to make manifest what was in the dark or unconscious. Now that these are in the light, we can wisely choose. We cannot carry things to the Cross, if we are not aware they are there! So it is Mercy that we have seen these hidden things this past year-even if they were painful or unpleasant. Since, things have been made clear, we can see what is in His Light, and cultivate there. It is also like the cellar got windows-light shafted in, so we can see what was in our cellars (both individually and collectively) So now, we can throw out somethings, and bring up into the main house other things, which can be useful for us in this next season. Again, His Love is the litmus test and lens for what is “in Him” this year!

Increased Glory is here, because He is Present, and is covered in Glory. It is not really about us, but His desire to manifest Himself more overtly. So let Him shine through us! Light up the world Lord!
Many new levels of knowledge and understanding in His spirit also this year–again accelerated spiritual learning is available. Like that scene in the Matrix where Neo could get instant training etc.
Being baptized more deeply into His Identity this year! Not just trying to be like Him, but Him being Himself in us, so we by osmosis become like Him! No religion can make us like Him, only He can; and this year, He wants to enter in more fully and make the rooms of our house like Him. Yes, Lord!

Happy flying people! This year really rocks! He’s in motion. Let’s stay flexible, malleable and readied as His Kingdom manifest in ever more tangible ways! We are the highway He is making for Himself to come in. Come King of Glory, enter here!!! Let’s shimmer in Him as He comes into His New Year!

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