Watching Europe

This week i have been praying (and confessing) that His interpreters and prophetic people come forth and start to speak from what they are seeing; as we are in times, where we need to hear the thoughts and know the Heart of God clearly. And so, i too, wanted to practice writing from some of what I was seeing as I prayed over Europe.

As we pray, we see. I have been practicing praying over certain areas and naming what I see. Then seeing which parts are mainly for prayer, and which parts for speaking forth to others. I’ve been keeping more journals of what I see, so I remember as they accumulate, and can get to know God’s Ways and patterns of moving more accurately. Anyways, here are some of the things I’ve been seeing over Europe lately. I’m always curious where in the pool of His Perception He is going to take me through dreams and prayer–for about two years, it has primarily been Europe, in addition to the people I pray for weekly. I like seeing where He leads me, and asking why there? Enjoy!

Parts of this are written like overhearing, or overseeing. Other parts are my interpretations of what I am seeing. I’m just enjoying sharpening my prophetic prayer tools as I write.

Many much more detailed and articulate visions of what God is doing over and into specific nations and cities in Europe are pouring out to many. A good meditation i think! I just wanted to put up some broad brush strokes of what He has been showing me lately as I pray for her! I am a funny vessel for such sorts of visions, but I really enjoy getting them! I love seeing into things and getting excited about what Father is up to! Makes me want to go and have a pint on the edge of the Danube or really any river in Europe, this one! Think of this like a current weather map–that might help navigate where to holiday or get to work–i hope so! Sometimes when I am praying that is how I see it–like a spiritual weather map which is interactive!

So, I’m going old school today in prayer and vision to get an overview of where parts of Europe are at spiritually. I did not look long at England this week, but will soon again! Mostly looking at the continent. Just following Him in it, and naming what I am seeing. Enjoy!

Africa is invading (not militarily!) Europe, but not for economical reasons but spiritual. They are getting a hunger to bless backwards their spiritual parents much as I personally am. They are moving in True Might faith and power, and will renovate things at the foundations-especially the intrepid places or stale zones in her heart. Resurrection power is theirs to resuscitate the Church and to move in power throughout the society.

Pay attention to their presence in the European community. As things shake, they will stand and bring His Power of conviction and His Grace. Amen. Do it Lord! Raise these men and daughters up to bring Your Living Word again into Europe. And again, i say, rejoice in this, for she needs mighty men and women of great Force to resuscitate and recall memory to Europe spiritually (much of europe has amnesia in terms of her spiritual story and identity; hence there struggle to write a constitution which includes a spiritual foundation from her own history!)–His Power is in them to do it. I’m stirring the waters of Africa–the ancient origin places to come forth and bless the nations which both served and oppressed them. You will see it and be glad.

Many have already, and are to come forth from Africa. Not a few. African nations are themselves shaking in preparation for the necessary unity in themselves required to serve and covenant with The Most High. He has set foot on their soil and they will remember and know it! Africa’s relationship to Europe is ours to understand. It is a blessed continent, which also carries a blessing for Europe in this coming season-even more overtly, tangibly and notably! They are the “word” spoken in holistic power and might from a place of origins in The Father. Great Authority is placed on her ancient land. And an understanding of the dynamics of the Spirit. Through her, many of the dead places in Europe will be resurrected! Praise You God!

I’m putting Africans in positions of power all over Europe so you can see. You see that your own American president is from Africa; this in itself was one sign of Obama. Not that he is man of spiritual might yet, but that he was a sign of their coming back to the places which oppressed them in order to bless, and rising in power–this is a “way” of Christ! Amen. You will also see many european’s getting a heart for Africa–this is part of turning both the children and the parent’s hearts (past guilt and woundedness) towards one another. This is happening between generations as well. Moving on…

Scandanavia is a place of my mystic visions and incubating resurgences. I see in prayer vision that mystic wind blowing over into Russia as well. And clarifying the dense dark air there, so there can be clarity of vision rather than depressive atmospheric weights. Winter is not forever any longer there in Russia. The seasons can turn to Spring and even meet Summer in the spiritual air above Russia! This wind would come from Scandanavia. It moves west to east–left to right; and blesses the mother’s heart back into clear breathing. Amen. Liberating millions literally from the dark bear like smothering spirit. It is to be a joyous bear again, and happy with its own regal strength. Russia is a hidden leader, but in breaking pride her humility will allow he to dance again in His Joy. And many of her people will sigh in relief.

Europe’s rivers are very important to read correctly. They are her veins of interconnectivity-both historically and currently. They all need to have continuous prayer over them-in some cases in order to dredge up the dead bodies and bury them properly; and in other cases just to purify their current flowing. You recall the weight of the river itself in Prague. That’s because upstream, it needs filtering. (Personal: that dream I had of the art camp and military station just outside of prague is not a bad place to start). The country or rural spaces are places of Spring and clarity and lightness. Pray from there over her waters. Things will manifest of course, but they no longer need to be lodged in that water. Some will resist being dislodged, other angelic beings above the waters will be so happy to see the weighty beast removed. Death, Depression, Insanity, Hopelessness etc are lodged there. They pull people in or LURE them in, and they are hard to escape from like a drunk man carousing at night in Prague looking for a prostitute or something alive. You know that space at night there where the dark magnetism of death pulls men in. I’m filtering out that river and its false secrecy, nocturnal hiddenness–so it can hold the true mysteries of The Father as it was meant to!

God is also tackling some government corruption there in the next 5-7,8 years. Some heads will be toppled (not literally, let’s pray–i saw old statues or types of leadership idols falling down stairs) which keep lurking about. False power and thereby offering false security etc. Started before cleansing the castle, but it will continue until God is done! Amen. People need to be able to trust in leaders again. Authority has such a marred image there. No one looks to the police but in suspicion. This could change as police men and women get truly saved, and even baptized in that cleansed river! I see small groups of men baptizing others, and healing both the waters and themselves in the process! Also further upstream, I see that the countryside life could be part of this cleansing process. There is where true czech life is preserved. This was captured in the movie “Unbearable Lightness of Being.”

Again, the rural life of Czech Republic is important to God, and should be protected and preserved. Similarly, up in Poland–the rural north and many other country areas are Mine says the Lord. Her cities cannot corrupt them, and will actually be healed by them! These rural areas once awakened, will turn and infect the cities with righteous purity and blaze many cities on fire for God again. Krakow is my gem; but also the heavier cities need desperate cleansing–Warsaw needs His Hope. The country side can help in prayer and in revival flames across this huge nation. I see many flames burning like bonfires, and this is one of the hopes for Poland. Rural revivals! Simultaneously! To illuminate the silence or apathy in the Polish heart–this great strong warrior nation will roar again in gently strength of The Almighty! Peace over her nation’s heart as she heals for right now. She needs His Peace to Cover her heart. Like Ireland, she is a heart nation!

Moving on geographically…or topographically….
Look also at Europe’s mountains or high spaces–much purity and crystalized freshness cannot flow yet because of damned up hearts in people. Preservation is good, but can also become stinginess with resources. Switzerland, meant to haven the sacred rarefied things of The Father, needs to learn generosity for instance not just protection, which it knows. Her secrecy has allowed her to protect many false idols, though she is meant to protect the secret things of The Father’s Heart; at times, she is stingy and unwelcoming. Needs to open up her heart to others in an crazy unabashed manner! To overflow with generosity again! As she did when given reformational seeds. Then, by using her great design and ordering gifts she was able to impact the word for heavenly renovations desperately needed throughout the world. But she is gripping currently. Needs to be freed up to dance and be more in the joy of the Lord. True Swiss identity is extremely majestic, magnificent, glorious. But her human heart has gotten stingy and blocked and controlling. Needs to be free! Freedom is my cry for the Swiss people and Joy!

“I desire to be Breaking over her mountains as Dawn!” Supplying clean fresh resources for the poor in spirit throughout Europe. I see something special on her Alps as well in this regard. There is a reason so many Christian ministries are centered and havened there! Having lived there for several years myself, i can testify to her being a high place of clarity and safety of vision.

In a general sense, the region of southern Europe struggles with carnality, hedonism and overemphasis of the physical pleasures–problems of the flesh and the fleshly nature–treatment of sex and women for instance. But this passion, redeemed, is meant to be a blazing furnace of His Glory and Power meant to effect and radiate out over all the rest of europe. To bring light where there is darkness–to relieve depression in the north etc. The ZEAL of the Lord is on the southern regions of Europe, if she will repent of her hedonism and idolization of the physical body etc. Her sins are fleshy. While in the north the sins are more of pride of mind and resources. And at times in the north, a cold heart–lack of kindness and more warm virtues. This is “typical” all over the planet. But highlighted in Europe as a compressed expression of both its true identity and its shadow parts.

The “opposite spirit” in the south would be fasting. In the north, would be serving the poor and needy–something very opposite of prideful use of resources. Belgium’s kindness is partly due to outside influences early on. Her heart is sweet, and some of this got planted long ago. Her mind is more eccentric like the Dutch, but her heart is warmer–like Spain left some of her gold sunshiny self there.

The Dutch are great eccentric prophetic leaders. However, they struggle with self esteem for one, and with craziness, which makes sense as they are genuinely eccentric or quirky. They like odd combinations in dressing and in thinking and art making. Still they are teachers and leaders. Interesting people really! Lots to come from the Dutch yet!

So, in prayer vision, I see three zones in Europe–southern, northern, then over scandanavia (rarefied northern); they carry unique spiritual gifts and atmospheres as well as shadows obviously. As you go east, something else starts to happen over past eastern europe–a shift spiritually. Can’t see that part yet all the way; my vision leaps over it to Israel more. But not today. In praying for Europe, it is fun to pick one region and go into it deeper. To see where it is at now, where it came from, and where it is heading. Prayer is so cool because as in the movie the Matrix, you get such intense and thorough downloads of spiritual knowledge, which then allows you to pray much more specifically, and of course, to bless your friends you know in those places. God is so Kind to reveal so much to us little children. He truly is a Great Father!

Of course, then God can put spiritual actions on us to intervene in what we have seen in prayer. The Bos’ (Serving the Nations) in Holland are great at both seeing things and taking action in prayer walking, public reconciliation and confession. Coorporate confession on behalf of their city or nation etc. This to me is how prayer life leads into apostolic action in bringing the blueprint and Reality of His Kingdom to earth through partnering directly with Him while here in our three days of serving Him on earth! Again, to quote the late Billy Sunday, “There is a grand party coming, and I am rehearsing for it while here!”

An interesting but I think, related aside. In my many years of praying for America-when I used to live on her highways and under her bridges in my car-I saw, that she would overextend in this past season (I saw a frayed flag and the stripes were over extended; in the visions, Jesus reeled down the flag to half mass in order to repair her internally–i think this started to happen at 9/11; the flag being the outward symbol to other nations, and how the opinion of the world about america started to shift soon after 9/11, though right after there was real ecumenism ). Being at several of her traumas (I was at 9/11 and the Oklahoma bombings) in those years, i also started to feel her real need for integration-that the issue of unity and focusing on internal healing (in her church as well as society in general) and spiritual foundations mattered and was key. I also saw that the real sections of America’s identity-are north and south, and that the integration point is in the mid west. I could see that for her to heal and mend, the north and south (historical wounds) would have to heal in relation to one another; and interestingly- that California was a combination of the two, and was able to synthesize the best of both, and could help interpret and teach in this process of integration and healing of our nation.

But California herself struggled with isolation and desire to serve the whole ( a need for a servant’s heart)-even though she could understand and be a synthesizing mediator teacher to the whole; she needed to learn to serve again and care for the whole. Like she had gotten lost in her own surf and stardom and not able to teach from her combination of intuitive (some from Asian influence, though corrupted in the 60’s) and cognitive (european) gifts she has been given. She would have to come back into a space of humility and service in order to fulfill her task in making America whole; so that america as a whole could fulfill her destiny of helping the most oppressed and defending the poor and being a haven for all nations etc. The north south part interests me in gaining a global perspective though. The “types” of northern and southern that repeat everywhere. And the types of issues which need to be addressed between the two. God speaks in patterns. He is cool that way! Always, He reveals the macro in the micro and vice versa. Makes me think in California language, “in fractals”.

California is a leader, and she is creative and very intelligent; but she needs to recall her heart of service for the whole. This nation needs her now. You can see with companies like apple the combination of creative intuitive and intelligent broadcasting power, echoed in the natural. Both LA and San Fran model things to the whole world. SF is more a symbol maker, and movement starter of visual intelligence, but at the base of her bay is where the majority of our computer innovation is incubated. Then LA who is her male counterpart sends out and produces so much of how we see–through cinema etc. Many are praying for LA, but briefly- LA has great broadcasting abilities, but also great corruption in her perception, which many are praying to be cleansed. Historically as well aviation, energy and then of course cinema have shot out from this city to effect the whole world. Not to mention the most important revival i think of the 20th C in terms of America–the Azusa street revival, which basically birthed some of the aspects of the church which are still the most alive, especially in South America.

Anyways, this week-wanted to put up some raw spirit seeing stuff–sort of current spiritual weather over Europe. I pray for her weekly now, and never really write from it; but felt like God was into me starting to express aspects of what He is giving me peeks at. Many of you see more detailed visions of her many cities, nations and regions, I just enjoy being in His Streams over her, and keep communing with Him there. The Father’s specific Heart for the nations thrills and ignites me personally! I have seen so many vacated watchtowers in Europe, and sometimes, i just think He wants someone to come sit in one for a few hours. I love gaze watching, so often i will sit in one if it’s empty just to see what He is seeing. It is actually really amazing to move even with a small aperture opening in God’s vision. You feel so humble and charged afterwards. Anyways, hope this ranting style was not overwhelming but enlightening. Europe is clearly on His Heart in a unique way, as is every other region of the earth. I love how He really does have thousands of thoughts towards each us daily–including cities, nations and regions!

Watch for Europe to be in a season of preparation for her glory to return, and the ability to carry spiritual regality and true knowledge in humility again. Her destiny is not over. The cradle of western civilization will rock again!

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