The law of 3 in us

Law of threes, in short: our imagination, thought, and emotion should agree. As He meets us in each of these three areas, His Voice should agree within us. His Image, His Thought, and His Feelings should eventually align in offering His fullest communication to us, and through us! He is One, and His Word, is connected to His image and emotion; so as we grow, these areas of ourselves should be in ever increasing alignment. They should agree-to the degree they are “in Him”. When they don’t “bear witness to one another”–go to the one area of yourself, which is clearest- ie the place where you meet God the most overtly or regularly for clear guidance; then take the weakest part further into Him through His Cross. Jesus said, He was and is, The Truth, the way, the life.

If we oversimplify it a bit and say that: thought is the truth, perception is the way (we sense it; it is metaphysical knowing), the life (“life is in the blood”)–the emotions and the physical body is related here. For years, i tended to ignore the body as a nuisance. That was wrong. Sorry. Although it is not the highest, it matters also! For Jesus wants to be Lord and intimate Friend over the whole person–every area of who we are. The three should be in agreement.

We want to know God in our heart, mind, and our imaginations. This is a tool for discerning God’s Voice, based on His Law of three’s. He always offers a witness, and a paring of three confirms something. He agrees in each area because He is self consistent! That is because God is One, His communication should be the same content regardless of whether it comes as thought, emotion, or image. There should be an agreement in us between the three areas when He is dialoguing with us. And there is a confirmation when all three agree! We can be sure of the Divine communication! We each tend to have one area more developed than another, but in Truth, they should all agree. Since, we tend to have one area as our primary meeting ground with God, different people will know Him most quickly or clearly in one area. But each of us is moving into maturity in each area, as we come to invite and know Him with our minds, hearts and imaginations.

The church-if you look at her as a Person- has missed out on some parts of knowing, and so expressing Him fully, and has some undeveloped parts because of it. She is unable to agree with herself in certain areas, and that confusion emits a type of false symbol of who He is. But She will be completed-made whole! For, He has chosen her as His Symbol of Himself–even His very Body. So she will eventually be integrated into one whole expression–Praise God!

The head is strong in certain parts of the Body, and in others, the heart, but the imagination has been neglected in many areas of the global Church. You can see that the whole needs to be “in Christ” in order to represent God on earth. But still, there are areas of arrested or at least incarcerated development in His Church. Slowly, certain areas where the house is still unlit, are being lit up! And even in the arts and worship, as well as in the prophetic movement. we start to see the gorgeous castle of His Creativity beginning to be illuminated. In the meantime, each of us can invite God to enter each area of who we are, and start to get to know and love Him there.

This law of threes of course, is also why great art has all three–thought, image and emotion in alignment to reveal its inner content. There is an aesthetic principle which mirrors this truth of threes.. All great art makes us think, perceive and feel something which is unified in content.

Which of these three areas do you know God best in? Which the least? As we are being discipled into Him, we want to know all these aspects of who He is! As we do, our own heart, mind and imagination, will start to shine in their true identities and contours in His new creation! And we will both receive and transmit a fuller communication from God The Father. Austin Sparks said that the task of the prophet is to express the fullness of what God wants to express about Himself on earth. That is really all of our tasks!

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