Short excerpt from R.A. Torrey on one aspect of the personality of The Holy Spirit

I’m enjoying publishing sections of spiritual father’s writings this month. This one is from a book I’m reading of R.A. Torrey on the Holy Spirit. As I study the availability of the Holy Spirit, realizing the complexity and beauty of the personality of The Spirit revealed! This manifest God, doesn’t only empower ministry, but has a true Life of it’s Own. Amazing study anyways–some thoughts from Torrey:

The Spirit like the wind is sovereign. “The wind bloweth where it listeth” (John iii. 8). You cannot dictate to the wind. It does as it wills. Just so with the Holy Spirit—He is sovereign—we cannot dictate to Him. He “divides to each man” severally even “as He will” (1 Cor. xii. 11, R. V.). When the wind is blowing from the north you may long to have it blow from the south, but cry as clamorously as you may to the wind, “Blow from the south” it will keep right on blowing from the north. But while you cannot dictate to the wind, while it blows as it will, you may learn the laws that govern the wind’s motions,
and by bringing yourself into harmony with those laws, you can get the wind to do your work. You can erect your windmill so that whichever way the wind blows from the wheels will turn and the wind will grind your grain, or pump your water. Just so, while we cannot dictate to the Holy Spirit we can learn the laws of His operations and by bringing ourselves into harmony with those laws, above all by submitting our wills absolutely to His sovereign will, the sovereign Spirit of God will work through us and accomplish His own glorious work by our instrumentality.

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