Her image of herself

In the book of Revelation, each of His Churches has a unique identity, and is dealt with individually. There is a complexity of identity. The church is an amazingly complex creature or organism in Him. But does the church know what she looks like in His Mirror?

Restoring the true image of the church is part of His Healing of her imagination of herself. She must have a true image of herself, and her many faces, in order to live as whole. In order to do so, she must begin meeting God (who is Whole) in the area of her imagination, so He can truly cleanse her perception; not only that she might see the world accurately, but firstly herself. If she cannot read herself symbolically, she will not be able to “read the times” and know her role in them.

When we say she is salt and light, we are using symbols. She is also many other things which could be stated symbolically. For her to see herself in truth, she must continue to have her imagination sanctified in and through Christ.
Her perception of herself precedes what she is meant to do on earth; for what we do, flows out from who we are. If she does not have an accurate picture of who she is, how can she do her tasks on earth.

God said to Jeremiah, I knew you in the womb, THEREFORE, I called you as a prophet to the nations. His identity preceded his job or calling. The same is true for the whole church. The healing of her imagination of herself is essential for her to fully accomplish all the wondrous things she is meant to do as His Body.
Each of us is in this same process of getting a truer image of ourselves from God’s perspective. In order to do so, we must meet Him in our imaginations, and come closer to His. This is also true for the whole church.

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