Two of the shortest teachings ever–cliff note version

TWO OF THE SHORTEST TEACHINGS EVER, which I received in a coffee shop somewhere on the road between north Carolina and Albuquerque I think:


The three neglected areas of Jesus Lordship: soil, sight, skin.

Lord over earth; Lord over the imagination; Lord over the physical body. You see the church has yet to come up with clear view on ecology; you see that there is also little theology of the imagination; and you see that there is even less conversation around how the physical body is to be integrated into people’s spirituality. Time to download His thoughts feeling and symbols around these three neglected areas!


In the book of Joshua there is an order to possessing land and occupying it–both within ourselves and in the world.

Jericho, Ai and Gibeon, God order in land taking. Marriage, Community, then land in the world–or life work/ career. Each guarded by a unique enemy which require unique tactics to overcome. The first, ways of prostitution. The second, not making soul linked community, but allowing God to link us in His Order. The third, watching out for false offers and trickery of all sorts. There you have it, in a very tiny nutshell.

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