little notes on the shema and wholeness

Making a complete or whole expression of the Name of God is one of the points of the Jewish reciting of the Shema daily. Even the idea of Messiah comes from the necessity of this completion of the expression of the Name of God on earth–the oneness of His Name. God is concerned to complete His expression of His Own Name! You see this again in the temple, which David called “a place for His Name.” Then in the new testament, we ourselves are called this living temple or place of meeting (Cor3:16).

When Jesus came, what He manifested was the Name of God–the exact representation of His Being! He who was the completed manifestation of this Name, this identity, came and made clear that on the earth, this Name had been fragmented since Adam. He then calls us, the ones in HIS Name. This means that we too will take up the cross of His Labour in making a full expression of The Name of The Father. This is one of the great hopes of Messiah–ie that He came to make the expression of His Father’s Name whole on the earth–as it was already whole in Him!

As artist we are concerned to make this Name one also. We desire to make a complete expression, and feel the pain of our own partiality in this task; and yet, as those in his image we have this hunger to make whole expression–in this we mirror God’s desire to make a whole expression of His Own Name, or to declare, in this sense, His oneness.

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