Amen Again prayer

Forgive me for not being as big as you made me

I will improve if more of You shows up!

I will get fuller, I promise, and strong–and expand to renovate the stars.

Until then, preserve the stupid by Your Wisdom

Put us in you–hide us until others see nothing

but what happens

When you come into a person–that supernova instant

birthing into the specific contours of our shine.

And we will shine as you made us to!

I forgot who I was for minute or a season, I am not sure…

I forgot what you said

I forgot I was meant to be so full, radiant, ecstatically alive

So alive, in fact,

that others simply had no choice but to glow

I forgot, and got dull–don’t mull over it

Never forgive my dullness

Before one so splendid

And yet, I am a fool

A dulled tool in your hand

Which holds the constellations;

Who am I to ask, or demand to shine!

(And yet, below

we wrestle for the blessing)

Please, help me shine

Until others can see their next line

And all is clear for you to read!

And, also…

Come read us over and over, come read us

Until You fall asleep! And dream us again

As we once were and will be!

Come read us

Until You are once again in the mood

To deal with us!

Thank you God

Amen again.

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