Barely a poem…

Barely a poem, about myself and God

Covered in mirrors, I am a fleck, He

Looks upon to be

Reminded of His own flourishing radiance

I don’t know why he made me shine

for his pleasure.

Perhaps I was a toy in the manger

For the little Jesus to play with–I hope so!

There are spirits who are jealous of sheer sheen.

But then, it is hard to steal glisten-

Like diving in,


to grab the glisten of sunset on stream surface.

Perhaps, clothed in mirrors,

I was a disco ball in the womb,

Lighting up the inner workings of origin


This in-sight, started there,

In an inner illumination.

In the beginning, the spirit hovered, then the light dove in

To the fathoms, illuminating The Father’s mystery–suddenly, it beheld itself!

Do I get to participate in that flashlight moment

of Him gazing at Himself?

Creativity, birth–the mysterious womb-waters of origin;

Yes! That is my place.

God hung disco balls in the hearts of humanity

And I am one! That’s fine, I will do that, I will be

That part of Him! There is nuclear pleasure in this!

The epistemology of light is to shine


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