What are the patterns He is making between His People? What is He saying about Himself, through the people He has linked you with spiritually? If the living Body is expressed by His incarnation is us and those He has linked us with, what is the shape of your constellation?

Feeling the gaps in the Body this week, but also seeing the eventual links deepening, becoming more secure–His ungapless Being choosing to experience our lack of proper linkage internally, externally, laboring for our unity, our wholeness. He, who we are growing into, is growing into us, by His own choice!

We must be on our own sections of the wall, mending-being mended. I feel that unity can’t be forced now, but that there is a unifying spirit among us, locally and internationally. At the same time, really sensing the need to be diligent on our section of the wall, which for me is arting, and providing a space for artists to become whole as people–to taste the Kingdom context for their creativity. And to celebrate identity as an expression of God on earth!

My knee joint is strained on my left side–the relational side. Feeling those strains, but looking up the mountain, north towards Benjamin, I look to and down from the hills from which cometh my strength–it is in Him, as is Vision! What we see is God’s desire to incarnate on a new level in the global expression of His Mystical Body, and the local. Linking with those He has given you–those living stones put in patterns in your life–your living church. Those in Jesus, but also those He has given you to journey with, to commune with.

But we also see and feel the gaps in this wall of unified incarnation–as we go further INTO Him, so that, perforce, His headship will be lifted up. When His Body is properly aligned, His Head will be clearly visible.

Personally, our part of Nehemiah’s wall is going well–the beauty is starting to shine, and the sturdiness is more than I thought. Relationally, there is love and good spiritual exchange, and a quickening between households–lighthouses in patterns across the hills of Austin. Still there are gaps, and the lament of the not yet.

To go deeper into Him in your season in Christ–what part of Him He is trying to incarnate in this particular season of your journey into Him. There are seasonal missions for each of us–seasonal aspects His revealing of Himself–and afterwards one can see the patterns of His revelations. One can rise up above several seasons and see why God was emphasizing each aspect. For us there is the creative, the becoming co-heirs, the beginnings of restorational labor, occupying; for others now there is the crossing into their own lands, and beginning to take possession of inheritance. Regardless, we must be in our own seasons and working on our part of this grand wall.

The rebuilding the wall of unity. The symbolic restoration–of His symbolic dimension in cities, people, nations. He will symbolize Himself uninterruptedly one day, and we are engaged in becoming His symbols or signs Of His ability to link, to be the joints between us, both locally and internationally. My heart is that the whole symbolize Him locally and internationally. We are trying to become signs of what this will look like!

And yet..

The difficulty in experiencing unity existentially or experientially–the labor in the gaps; while still needing to work on one’s own part of the wall in each person’s unique style, can feel overwhelming. But He is not overwhelmed while working to pronounce His poem, and our breath to do so is in HIM!

Gaps can’t be man-filled or soul powered into joining; there is an order to building, and at times it is good to fly up, balloon above to see how far we all have come; but there is first the responsibility to move in order on the aspect of the wall which is ours to mend. In ourelves this unity or integration must be moving forward–He wants to be incarnating into more and more of who we are. As He does, the shining will get brighter, and many will be able to work more efficiently and with His passion and joy and hope!

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