First Clown in space!!

This week the first clown went into outer space! Here is the artist going up and directing a global poem about the environment from a unique perspective. Many things interest me about this metaphor, but something of the idea of seeing the clusters or stars or entertainers on the planet from outer space, and watching them participate in a global symbolic dialogue around a shared global concern is just cool.

I also like that in our generation it needs to be planetary and it needs to be seen from the outside in order to notice the patterns correctly. Bono asked the clown the right question: how do we look from out there? “Vulnerable,” was the clown’s answer.

I also think it is significant that this man is a clown who has started the most amazing circus in our time–Cirque du Soliel. A humourist is the first real artist in space–and then what he did with it!! Wow! What a time for the artists on earth. So much to symbolize globally!

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