Now in Poland, so genuine in it’s expression of itself. We were able to join many other people this year in an abandoned monastery about two hours from Krakow. The sense of His raw presence, and the visual beauty of a land largely unaltered by time.

From here we went to prague to celebrate our friends twentieth wedding anniversary==great maravian wine and deep exchange. We always feel so humbled to be allowed to bear witness to such moments–last month i was able to be present at the launch of the contemporary Bible in czech republic….so rich as it was pronounced through the arts from Jan Huss chapel. Now we were here for a wedding==and got to share about our own wedding here in Prague.

I will be write more soon on the riches of tasting His Body globally. But it has been an amazingly rich time here this summer in europe.

We also got to visit our friend in Berlin and start to taste the coming celebration of the twentieth year anniversary of the coming down of the berlin wall===many of the divisions of europe were symbolized in this moment in history.

Last few days spent with The Jones in Karlovy Vary==nice personal time of family and reflection. Just wanted to share..more soon.

Fresh blessings from europe and us!

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