Where art thou?

Where’s your art at? What level of maturation. How integrated is it with the rest of your life. We are meant to be becoming one expression. To integrate all parts of ourselves is motivated by wanting to become the full expression God intended us to be. Art brings life to the other aspects of who we are. And those aspects help ground our symbolic lives, keeping them teethered to our core identity.

Jesus wants to be at the core of ourselves, cultivating each part into maturity. The art part is the aspect which symbolizes and expresses core identity. If detached or blocked, it can start attaching to things outside of self, and even become possessed by random spirits. There is no dimension where Jesus is not present. This means we are free to roam into dreamland, into creativity, into imagination and still remain grounded in Him and have intimacy there.

People and cities, and nations have creative lives. Cultural expressions are collective symbols of the core identity of a place or people.This life is at various stages of maturation. Some cities have very underdeveloped creative lives. Other’s are detached and no longer expressing the true identity of that city.

To unblock and nurture our creative lives is to be part of mending ourselves and our cities. It is to be caught up in God’s restorational work. Behold, God is one, and He is making us one as well. Bringing “home” our creativity and integrating it with other aspects of our lives is part of this restorational process. It is then part of His Kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven. So where’s your art at?

Often artist have a developed symbolizer, but it is not integrated with other aspects of their lives. Often “non-artist” have a blocked or immature creative life. Often from voices of judgement, or not being validated or encouraged to develop their creativity.

Either way, Jesus comes into the center of our lives and beckons all the aspects of who we are us back home! He draws us into His Creativity and cultivates and matures our imaginations. He wants to shepard each aspect of who we are and grow each part into His fullest expression. We are allowing Him to convert the entire self, when we come to Him, and if there are aspects which He is not allowed to touch, we block His conversion process within us.

He wants to dialogue with our imaginations, our physical bodies as well as our thought life. He wants to reattach symbols and ideas, images and thoughts. He wants to make us one for His own enjoyment, and ours! May we become His poems pronounced clearly and ecstatically into His Universe!

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