Watch out–tribal unity tour coming to your town!

Yes just wanted to let all the folks back east know, that myself and reverend shoeless will be a doing tribal unity tour late in the summer. Primarily focusing on the theme of letting God build the wall of unity instead of us. the Reverend assures me that we will also be able to take this tour over to eastern europe where we hope to continue on our ten year journey to link houses of peace from many streams in the Body, to form a beautiful tapestry of linked homes and communities in the exact likeness of God’s vision, which Rev Shoeless received years back in the desert someplace.

I wanted to say that we know that the tribes much less our shoelaces are not yet in the exact likeness of His patterns; however, rev shoeless has seen the light of this pattern of linked homes long ago, and is labouring for its incarnation. I too have been a soldier of the gaps over this past ten years, warring for what I see a a lovely laticework of linked homes and centers where His pilgrims can wander (of course at their own risk) to experience something close to a full image of His Lovely Bride, the Church.

I myself have often been a frustrated by the ramblin ways of His children, and the poor timing and choreographic efforts on their parts! Nevertheless, Rev shoeless assures me that Jesus is able to link His own–like great sausage links, we will be ONE even as He is one. I myself repeat the Shema daily, just to remember that at least GOD IS ONE!! And I know–somewhere in the pit of my spirit–that He is also able to make us one tribe of linked homes, a beautiful sign of what it looks like when God builds the house!!

Anyways, this tribal unity tour begins in boston and could travel anywhere that needs it most, so we hope that you start to catch a vision of His True Divine networking between us all, so that we can be a living sign and a shining wonder on earth as I know we shall one day be in Heaven! Don’t forget, if God is linking you with a friend, then that space is worth the labour. Rev Shoeless often reminds me how I didn’t believe in friendship years back until I heard him preachin up a storm somewhere near Waco Texas. it was then that I caught a vision of Nehemiah’s wall, and the unity around jerusalem that would be necessary in our times to hold the girth of The Kingdom coming! It was then that I saw that we were actually becoming His living temples, baptized INTO His Name. That this mighty Saviour also wanted to press in deeper in our times and incarnate even into the deepest places between and in us to form His fullest expression. It was then, that the word in ephesians was truly opened to me, and I could see that we are this gorgeous poem God is trying to write about Himself. But that we keep interrupting Him! It was then I decided to be more than an interruption in the divine story, and let Him express Himself uninterruptedly. So often I float back in my heart’s mind to a time before I believed the walls between His People could topple and the beautiful unity could be formed that would reveal His Exact expression of Himself He had been trying to lay down since the beginning. I nearly faint remembering before that day when I had faith for da fullness. SO I gotta give it to you now–this tour for tribal unity is a sign and wonder–pointing towards the possibility that God might not have finished symbolizin Hisself yet! May His Force be with you! We will be through your town soon enough–so watch out!

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