notes from a recent sermon on haight street dr derek and rev shoeless jo

“I release the words of The Father over your life! Let them thwart the false streams of words that His enemy has against you. The Words of the Father are life, they are His specific blessings over you. They are His passion and enjoyment of you. Let them wave over us and take off every false whisper or lie from below. The words of the father are gold over us, and cause us to shine as the sun. The words of the father are hope for us, for they are true and how he sees us. the words of the father cannot be erased or overcome–for once a word is spoken…the words of the Father are irrevocable and mighty. Receive…these are the words you know as true. They push of the accuser, they cause your insides to dance again, they make the lame parts of yourself whole–don’t forget the Father of all Life is speaking over your life at all times–believe receive and enter into the stream of word of Life over your life!!!!”

reverend shoelessjo dansa

This sermon snatch is from a word i gave down in lower haight last month, speaking to about 200 homeless saints and singers. I was accompanied by the rev shoeless as he is known on the west coast. And he was teaching about God’s timing as well. He spoke of how God paces things, so that the timing of our lives reveals God Himself. But that most people don’t live in God’s timing because they don’t see it as part of what God is tryin to teach through. He said that time was a symbolic as space. The Rev said that the Jews understood this better than most christians, but that we needed to understand that when we move outside of God’s timing we actually misrepresent Him. He is trying to make an image of His Face on the earth, the rev said, but we keep getting in the way of His Pace! I was personally moved by this part, to start to consecrate much more of my time and passion to time. I think He wants to say something through when i go places, and with whom. That God is a Great (ok, perhaps the greatest) choreographer seems obvious to me. But that all those 40’s and 7’s in scripture matter in terms of who He is, I just got when the shoeless reverend was speaking. That it matters when and how we move places, or schedule our lives, because God is trying to say something through our timing–i got that out there this past month in san fran from the rev shoeless. For that I am thankful to have been asked to preach at the Page street Center in lower haight street, San Fran. And glad to be included in the heavenly roster! thank you dr D.

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