festivals and the funky, sideways, army of our Lord; Freakstock and beyond

Amazing time at FreakStock–a german music festival in Gotha, Germany. Was able to meet the leaders of Slotfest in Poland–which is a fine arts festival which ended just before Freakstock. Nice to feel and be amidst such diverse expressions with His Spirit in common. The German’s hosted us with such servanthood, i was really humbled and challenged to grow to have more of Jesus The Host in our camp.

As evening entered, one day, I heard the sound of a fork lift behind me, then looking up, saw an entire lounge living room, complete with coffee table and two lamps, books, mags etc, on the lift; it was a mobile lounge which could be lifted into and out of any of the various festival venues–taking your house with you metaphore; but it made me think of the German engineering mind, when combined with the creative, and the intensely creative but also functional things which could come out of it!

Earlier in the summer, we had been in berlin, where a huge techno music gathering was taking place, and i had a similar a-ha; when His Arm connects with His Imagination–wow! When those engineering building skills which created my BMW motorcycle, combine with creative parts and fluidity, as we saw in this festival–what a cool expression of being church!

THere were also many of the warmer nations there–Portugal, Brasil, Indonesia–with all their rich textures. The Body really is fabriced in the most amazing brocade of beauty when the parts touch through His Spirit!

One of the most alive parts of His Body in europe touches during the festival season–touring around and encouraging praying and cross pollinating creatively. Many creative projects spring from time in the festival seasons, when different, usually separate, parts of His Body hang, camp, drink tea and very strong coffee, and get muddy (as in the case of this years freakstock festival).

I got to be part of the round table at this years fest, so was able to meet others who are following Him and making fresh expressions from how He made them. A great new friend in Portugal, who is starting a community near lisbon (check her out at: shantipilgrim). This week, they are doing a prayer walk through Israel–starting in the north–they group just made it through syria! Just being available as they go, to help, mend and love…great folks we met there!

It is often said that the church in europe is the driest in the world currently, and it is true that many of the rivers have run thin if not dry. Yet, having crossed the Rhine three times this summer, i was really encouraged by the Jesus Freaks and the many other living parts of the Body we touched in Germany. Also there is much movement among the younger catholics all over europe which is exciting, as we continuously cross paths with born again, and funky catholics from all over!

Also got to see our friends Sasa and his wife Katka and their kids–camped next to them. It has been three years since moving from living in prague, and these festivals are one of the places we exchange and stay up to date. Really had nice deep talks with Sasa–this is guy who was the first to translate scriptures into czech-was thrown into prison etc, a real humble man and jewish, and a jesus lover–so one of the coolest combinations of folks on earth.

This year, our friend in austin Cameron was in a film festival in Prague and got to meet Sasa–one of our passions, in addition to people tasting God’s heart for the nations, is that artist and funny-types, get to meet from different nations, and different parts of the Body–these synapsis of silliness, personally keep oil in the networking parts of my own heart, and keep me laughing with Him!!!

And this year has seen the start of many such cross-pollinations and new funky friendships. To bridge between different nations and part of Him making unity in His Body– allowing Him to feel more integration in Himself is how I see it. He tears down the dividing walls–so much we all need from one another—when the blood flows, we know The Life!

Traveled back with the Jones–and their whole family came and stayed with us in belgium. Was really great hanging again with our people! And just sort of being together–creative surgings in Him. Many of you know Andrew Jones, who is at the very least, notorious, and at the best, a real church father–anyhow, many don’t know debbie his wife, who is a glass artist and real spiritual mother to many! So nice to “be in their tent for a few weeks”! They are old friends of mine from california days, and it is so cool to watch our friendships go through so many seasons, and now be more rooted in europe.

Also met a guy in germany, who has started a kindergarden in belgium, and turns out it is the only christian kindergarden in belgium! Very cool idea God put on him, and that he had the wherewithall to execute it! Turns out he lives very close to us, and has a house church–so nice to meet other faces this summer, and taste fresh and unique expressions of His Body in Europe.

I am excited to bear witness to a developing festival circuit–of houses of peace and light, and actual creative events–that friends from the US and Canada might also plug into over the coming years, and open up a creative as well as spiritual exchange between the nations, and different parts of The Body.

There were leaders from four festivals at freakstock, and they spoke of lining them up, so a person or band from the US could come over, and in three weeks, taste four nations–four unique expressions of His flow in Europe, as well as bring the blessings that they carry. (Freakstock; Slotfest: Rock on the Rock…)

One couple from Italy, also allow bands to hang afterwards, and they sort of “top them off” (as our english friends say) spiritually. Their festival called “Rock on the rock” is about five years old, and God keeps giving them more space to host musicians! So it is like God is building botha circuit and a net to grow people as they are carrying Him. Very exciting. Many seeds!

Glad to be part of the funky sideways army of our Lord, and to meet other who are coming up to His festivals, and finding waters which are alive! Lots of tents from prayer movements in europe also were there, and brought a nice depth or contemplative space to the festival. Seeing all these organizations working together is always a nice metaphore of complimentation we are not used to in the US. Heavy metal worship blended with 24/7 prayer and prayer for the nations, alongside drum making…really refreshing, and coming from the people there–very authentic expression.

I am becoming more interested in the “frame” matching the content–that is that the frame of a book or event, be as revealing of the content as the words. The frame is also symbolic of the meaning–so in amy’s new book, we have spent as much time on the cover as the contents of the book. The church has not really understood the symbolic importance of the cover or frame of things–that this too is a teaching, and can reveal much of the truths carried within. This is one area of the symbolic that we are a part of restoring on the earth–so that more and more, our content will match our frame or expression.

Anyways, this summer made me aware that one of the places where the church is actually alive in europe is in its festivals–and that they are a frame He is speaking through. Very few of the local churches for instance in our town are alive; but this festival less than four hours away was rapt in worship and intense prayer (all the 24/7 people there as well as many people from various prayer movements), and deep bonding fellowship. Makes you think, what forms of frames God has His Hand on in different parts of the world. Like perhaps in America, the festival frame is less needed–as there are many fresh forms of being the Body in most towns; but in europe, where the expressions of being church are few, it is interesting that this old form which is a european cultural norm–ie each summer there is festival season, and liek holiday, everyone goes to at least one–that God is using this form and inhabiting it with His Presence!

What a cool tent.

Alive and watching in europe, the GOD who is real!

D and A

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