a prayer and word for russia

I thought about blogging this, but then on second thought I don’t often blog about immediate needs for prayer. However, here I go. This is for anyone who might feel the need to pray for Russia.

I had the strangest experience today. Yesterday I had read briefly about the Russian airplane which crashed and killed all passengers. All I read was the headline; I didn’t know more details. Then last night I had a dream where an intense cloud, a storm, surrounded this Russian airplane as it flew in the sky and crushed it. Lightning struck.

When I looked at the news again today, I wasn’t even thinking about the plane, had forgotten about my dream until I saw the headlines: storm had caused the crash. Possible lightning striking. Then the dream came flooding back to me. I remembered that when I saw the storm in the dream, it was demonic. There was no doubt about it. The storm was very dark and very oppressive and had an intent. The people on the plane could not see through it. it sought to trap this plane and crush it in the middle of the sky.

I am not sure why I dreamed this or why He drew my attention to it. I confess that I don’t often pray for Russia, or have felt led to. I did feel an intense sadness–around the passengers, their families and also for Russia. I felt weeping, many many people weeping. I looked again at the news and could see that no one yet knows totally the cause.

I feel God’s intense sadness over them and His anger at the enemy for stealing life. Also I pray that he would not stir up conspiracy theories, an attempt to blame someone for this. The enemy would like to misinterpret this. Pray that truth would come, and mercy and grace to cover the minds and hearts of the victims’ families. I pray that he releases his mighty truth into the heart of Russia. There were many children killed on this plane, and I hear him saying that “the thief will have to pay back 7 times the life he stole from these people”.

This plane is a symbol of what the thief has stolen from Russia. He has stolen their children and stolen them violently when they have been the most vulnerable. Does this mean a generation? Or years from their lives? Whatever he stole from their life as a nation will be repaid and repaid 7 times over.

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