Confession into Cleansing

“If we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us, and CLEANSE…”

Confession as a key for deliverance of people and places and things.

As priest, we join God in confessing the sins of a place or people, and He brings healing and cleansing. This is a spiritual law, and it is one of the ways we “take back land” both in ourselves and in the world. We join Him in confessing the sins commited in a particular place or part of ourselves, and we let Him cleanse.

To take lands outside ourselves is to confess the sins of others in that place, and to allow His healing and cleansing to enter that spot. When we are led to do this, we act as priest with Him in that place, and the darkness is forced to flee. His Kingdom is then able to flow into that place. This is a vital part of deliverance of spaces as well as people.

Often we aim just at the evil in a place, rather than start at the cleansing level. Much warfare can be avoided by starting with confession.

David taught that confession is always a prerequisite for climbing the spiritual mountain of God. Many of his songs model this pattern of confession, leading into thanks, then up and out into praise–this is the order: confession, thankfulness, then praise, and it will always lead us into HIs Courts!

Cleanse us so that we may enter. Thank you for forgiveness; now bring your healing and life into this place, and make it a place of praise–a dwelling place for You oh God!

Things also can be cleansed in this way. An instrument for instance, which has been used to worship false gods, can be confessed over, and God will bring cleansing, so that it may be brought back into its proper use as an instrument of praise!

We can even confess over our own physical bodies, and receive His cleansing and healing; our cars, our homes, and all our “things”!

This year, Amy and I bore witness to a collective cleansing at the PTL ministries lands in South Carolina. In the midst of worship, people began confessing the sins of the church during the last days of that ministry–sins of accusation and lack of mercy and grace extended to Jim Baker and his family, and other sins. As they confessed, a great cleansing was released, which saturated the earth and all the grounds there, and the ramifications were felt out into the American church at large. When we confess our sins, He really is faithful to forgive and cleanse! Lands within the church were taken back on that night, lands saturated in riches and glory, which are now beginning to be restored back into the Body of Christ!

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