new year’s fountain

It has been a really great New Year so far and from the looks of it, this year is really going to be a zoom forward for many of us spiritually.

Lately He has been talking to me about secret places of His life that have yet to be revealed in the world. One day while I was reading I had this strong picture of fountains coming up from the earth and beautiful rivers running down from mountains. These were two places from which spiritual energy flows–and they come from secret hidden places in the earth and in high places that few are willing to climb. Fountains can be tremendous forces or just healing spouts. But they are always “discovered”–spa towns in Europe were sometimes built around whole discoveries of secret spring sources. Likewise in the spirit there are fountains that have yet to be discovered. Imagine what it must feel like to be near a secret place of His life-force and energy bounding up from the earth. If you have been around intense revivals or places that are really saturated with the Holy Spirit, you may have touched a fountain. These fountains are real, and many more will burst in these days.

The tsunamis are a prophecy of the amount of power that will burst forth from God. When the enemy releases something it is usually a sign that God is about to do something greater. Just as the tsunamis release from the earth a surprise death fountain, we can bet that a greater fountain of life is about to spring forth. The release of both death and life upon the earth in the last days will increase until there are no shady in-betweens. These tsunamis were a great release of death from the jowls of the earth, but just as the earth opened up a literal fountain of grief, so we can bet that there will be an awesome supernatural fountain of life opened from the most unexpected place, a fountain that has NEVER BEEN OPENED BEFORE.

I am on the edge of my freakin seat!

Part of this fountain will contain a great drenching of the fruits of the spirit. He wants to increase our own personal senses of joy, peace, love… in ways that we cannot possibly create in ourselves. It will be obvious that the spirit is birthing His own fruit and in abundance. Many, many people this year are going to get dosed in joy. And it will surprise us (a surprise attack!). This will be a sign of what’s to come in our lives—a sign of the absolute abundance of the life of Christ in us, overflowing in ways that are obvious that He is making Himself alive. Even the power over death and resurrection life, which will definitely flow in later days, will not be earned but will be an overflow from the release of His life into His people.

Isn’t that amazing?!

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