Celtic Weaving

Today I saw a celtic weave encircling a harp, and God said, this is how I see your life. Your mistakes, once under His blood, are rewoven into the circle to form a frame around the poem of your being. I do not see the mistakes, but I see how Jesus took them and rewove them into the circle of wholeness around your song.

At the center, was the harp or poem of my being. Each of us IS a song or poem God is singing about Himself. We are a statement (peosia, ephesians 2:10) He has created about Himself, and we are–through the living Grace in His Son–enabled to be sung!

The sense I had, was how silly it is for us to focus on our mistakes, and what a tactic of distraction! We are being sung, because God is able to sing His Own lines out into the universe. Our mistakes become part of the weave or frame of our lives. The poem we are will be pronounced because He is able (Romans 14:4). It was never about our striving to sing our song, and always about His ability to sing us!

This image of the harp encircled by a woven pattern describes how God sees us through the lense of redemption which is the active Life of His Son. We trully are whole to Him. He sees us as we truly are, though we most of the time do not.

Today, I felt a glimpse into how God sees His own expressions, which we ARE!

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