we in HIM, HIM in us

“For we have become His Living Temple”

we, His people, feel Him in us, pressing in

the compression of souls and pooling away of darkly bound strongholds..

we, His People, see and taste and feel Him more in our midst, in our bellies,

in one another–this One

taste of Kingly greatness

the vast splendour of His Being

pressing into us, molding, recontouring

our inner eyes fixed in riverlike gaze

at This One who holds the universe beneath

the pressure of His Heart

pressing into the maze of our beings

and breathing life order

nations. ethnos. peoples. rumbling off

all that must burn;

the lines He made

to be read will remain, and be spoken.

the scrolls will not shut

until each is fully read-

epochs and ages, each syllable pronounced


and this scroll now–

third fire. consumational flames, in this

who is left but the glowing lame?

the ones calling out

from Him to Him

deep to deep spirit to spirit

while the earth turns in tumult

until this birthings done

until the sons and daughters

sunscorched, rise

with healing on their Wings

we, the Body of The One, rise as sunlight

to inherit, with Him, the nations!

We, the people, having been taken by the burning

of His Love, release ourselves into His cross to die

to become nothing

other than this One

who is releasing Himself in us…

out into His Universe as testimony!

We feel You in us

burning off in us all

that is not yours

making us into

your own body-You,

a king ablaze

in His Own Glory,

come as morningflare

too bright for our eyes to turn back


nothing left standing

worlds erupting on themselves

men hating their own flesh

sacrificing life to death itself

but You, here, placing heavenly order

between our shoulders

shouldering our burdens

replacing them with passion

And we, reconstructed by this

passion unseen have become

your living temples! A place

for you to dream your dreams…

a place for You to live your life,

a place for you to lay your head.

Come lay your head on our shoulders

come pillow us in the feathering of your

blessed Light. For when Your head

settles into us, we awake

in the cresting of your contours

and have become nothing

but the silhouette of Your Being

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