Ebay is taking over

Well, or so I think. You know those little ads on the side of google? There is always an ebay ad in there and ebay is always selling what I’m looking for in Google.

For example, ebay sells snipes. Now I have friends in Cincinnati who tried to make me believe that snipes are for real and even sent me and other helpless girls wandering off into the Kentucky woods looking for them. Just to prove you guys are all wrong, Ebay is selling them.

snipes on ebay

Ok, so snipes might be a band or a movie. But I’m telling you. Ebay sells hems, layouts, even bizarre nicknames no one else knows except my husband. Now, if you get really lucky, Real.com will also appear and tell you that you can download whatever it is you’re looking for, 14 days free with no obligation at all!

chapman on ebay

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