the harvest of light and dark

….as the darkness increases so will the Light. May His Light and Truth guide us to that Holy Hill (psalm 43:3)…as the darkness is allowed to run rampant, so His tremendous Power is being poured forth. The Father cannot help but gather what is His, as a hen gathers her chicks—as the darkness is made manifest, so His glory will shine as never before…this later temple may look like less, but just as the second temple had more glory so will this one–this one in His People already gathers Light….as people see the witness of who He is In His People, this witness will draw men to Him….as the choices become more obvious between His World and Ways and the ways of evil….we will know one aother in and through Christ!

A new level of incarnation of Jesus in His People. The Light makes the darkness apparent! WE will all be forced to cling to Christ, to love-clutch His Garments–to actualy BE in Him! As if through fire, this hour, judgment begins with the house of God–already the sons and daughters prophecy, the old dream dreams, the spirit of Elijah released. His Witnesses start to stand!

the deeds of men will be separated from His deeds. IT will be obviouis where the church has built from on its own apart from Him, and what He actually built. All things not built IN HIM will falter shake and crumble. The time of separation has come–separating the dead works of man from the works of His Spirit. Word without power will no longer hold weight. Incarnate words of fire and life are falling into His People…the time of true spiritual poetry-word in Power, word in Him..word from Him…word as Him–Jesus is streaming into, through and onto the earth, making His True Kingdom known to man—and we are His Living temple, living stones in Him being built as a dwelling place for the Father….

Jesus is The Truth, The Way, The Life.

Light, love and life are teethered together within Him. Light comes–the understanding His Presence brings; then Love enters where blindness once was; then Life teems forth!!

Compassion increasing between His People–real radiant Love, quick to forgive, passionate to lay down our lives for one another–deep concern without judgement–unrighteous judgement banished from His Courts within His People..replaced by the encouragement of prophetic life words, songs, touchings by His Holy Spirit.

To Life!!

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