Something has been gathering in my spirit for some time which needs voicing now. It concerns the restoration of the earth.

As a whole, the church has spoken much about Christ¹s redemption, but little of His Restoration. As a result, we have not known how to approach the earth–ecology; the physical body–health and body image; or interpret the times.

As we see the darkness harvesting along with the light, and as we see the increase of darkness on the earth, it is easy to wonder about the restoration. Are we getting closer to wholeness or further away? Pollution, disease and ecological turbulence seems to be increasing, so how could the restoration be in progress? It depends how far back you step, or into Whom. Jesus is coming and entering His People, so His Order is increasing, but as this occurs the disorder which is getting displaced is getting much more obvious. Both are becoming more manifest and distinct!

God begins the restoration with mankind. And specifically in His People. The earth cannot be fully restored until His People are.

We are the very agents He has chosen to restore all things to Himself. This is not just people, but the earth itself. Here is one of the reasons that the arts will be brought back under His Dominion, because all the earth is the Lord¹s and everything in it. All the beauty is His, as miscontextualized as it is, none of it is not from Him and will not be returned to Him. He is Lord over all of creation including all beauty.

From His Courts, it is obvious that when beauty is contextualized it has meaning and reflects back onto Him. The body is not evil; nor is the earth itself. They are creations of God meant to reflect back onto Him. Though we know that the earth will pass, it will not pass before it is completly restored to Him, and rest in His Order.

The restoration of all things means that you will be part of Him bringing all things into His Order! So we must see what this order is. There is no other way, but to let Him show us. There are many scriptures about what this will look like. But we must also seek direct visions of the restoration. What is the proper order between nations? For He will begin with mankind! We must be in His Order in order to be part of His restoration! So are we in order? As the denominations stab one another, and the church is so slow to interpret the events of our time from His Spirit? No, we are not. But Jesus is! And so we must enter His Life.

If the church is not in His Order how will it be an agent of restoration? This is why judgement begins with the house of God, whose house we ARE.

At present you see very much disorder. You see pornography, you see polluted rivers, you see nations hating other nations. But this will not always be! Thank Jesus that He IS restoring the earth to His Father¹s Proper Order. This is the true Order that men seek. An order when the nations will be properly aligned and allied with one another, each offering its gift and its particular reflection of God to the whole expression. This is a very real hope for us who believe!

Jesus is Lord, not just figuratively, or only in heaven. But He is Lord over earth, and this is one of His Concerns as He incarnated more fully on the earth. He came to restore the earth, and the earth will not pass away until He does. The Father has given all authority to the Son. He rules.

Part of our job on earth is not just to save lost souls, or to war off the enemy of life, but is to restore all things!

We must enter the spirit and see the earth as it WILL BE in order to move in His wisdom daily. Yes the darkness is increasing, but so also is the vision and power to see and restore all things to Him.

We need to concern ourselves with how He is restoring the earth! The pattern of the Lord is always to bring Light then love then life. We must first see or have a vision of the earth restored, then He will release His love and compassion to bring it into this new Life.

When Jesus shows up there is always Life. For the Light and The Life are inseparable in His Love. God sent the Light as an action of Love to bring Life! They work together in Him. The Light is now increasing, and we must move within it, get a vision of our part in the restoration of all things to and thorugh Christ!

He came to restore the earth not to destroy it. He came to destroy the works of the devil, but not the earth. We are His agents of restoration. He redeems men into this task of placing all things under His Authority. The leaves of the Tree of Life will heal the nations! We are these leaves. In Him, we are used as salve to bring healing to the nations. All things are being restored to and through The Son. If we are only comcerned with redeemption, we are only moving in one part of the picture. We must expand our vision to see His Desire to restore the whole earth and all that is in it!

written and received by: derek (also known as dr derickoviski)

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