you know we think of

you know we think of networking as serving either our own needs, or that of the company or organization we work for which we may or may not believe is doing a good service….

the real reason we go meet different people is to complete God’s joy. For when we meet another person, we are allowing those parts of Him in us to touch those parts of Him in them. God likes fellowship with Himself!

i was thinking today of all the times i felt i had helped certain people to meet one another, or just got to meet some people who would will probably never meet one another, and i was thinking of how He then gets to touch and join and have that feeling of connection through me–a bit like synovial fluid in the physical body, which is the fluid between joints allowing bones to meet without grating–you know we meet one another and touch, only in part for us, most of it is to bring Him that joy…and that joy is our strength.

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