incarnation, reformation and restoration

The reformation began a new level of formation of God¹s Son in His People. This is still being completed, but He is able to fully form Himself in us and together to incarnate the fullness of Himself. The fulness is expressed when all his People are joined properly together in Him. This is His integration of Himself in us. This is His Unity.

a prayer:

l believe in Your ability to form yourself in every area of my life!

You are able to do this, and as you do, Your Power and Ways will be made manifest through and in Me. Nothing in me can produce this–only You in me Jesus. There is not an area which You cannot govern. This is true in me and in the world around me, but I begin in Me. I know You have your ways of coming to rule within me–ways which reveal and teach about Your Father. I want those ways, and Your Order. I know You take the lands within, in Order–an Order that is mysterious, but also reveals Your fulness to me in the best possible way. I trust your parenting, your birth order of Yourself in Me.

I know that many along side me have been caught up in doing spiritual activities and have fallen away from You Yourself. I myself return to a devotion to You, and a commitment to allow You to form Yourself in every area of my own being, and I believe that you are able to finish this formation which You began in me.

³We must make way IN US for the coming of the Lord.² Francis Frangipane

³Whom He foreknew, He also predestined TO BECOME CONFORMED TO THE IMAGE OF HIS SON, that He might be the first-born of many brethren.² Romans 8:29

The new level of incarnation which many of us are beginning to experience is in many ways the completion of what was started at the reformation (or, what He calls the formation–ie of His Son in us).

The restoration of the earth will come through His full incarnation in us and on the earth. As we find ourselves experiencing more of Him in us–as you see the Body at large starting to testify to– we see how He has parented us towards this moment of a fuller revelation of Himself in us. God in man, us trully a living temple for His Presence.

The priesthood of all believers is in fact the sonship phase of the church¹s maturation. The Son of God is the High Priest, and it is this part of Him He is living through us. As we allow Him to share His Priesthood, we recognize our heavely identity. What do priest do? Pray for, consecrate, confess personal and collective sins, remain holy…and so on. As the church journeys out of mere religious activities and enter His Priesthood, we will begin to know the Inheritance of The Son, as He possesses the earth.

The earth will be fully restored as His Inheritance, for all the nations are His. This means that things will be put in order, before there is a new earth and a new heaven. We are part of that generation of restoration of the earth in Him! As He incarnates in us, we will join Him in restoring the earth into its proper order. Dominion (kratos) does not just mean having power over, it means to help complete by putting it back in God¹s Order, which is the order which perfectly reveals God¹s Ways.

We know that the earth¹s restoration will mean the proper order established between nations and people. This is a matter of the Spirit rather than man, ordering relations. We see new alignments being made on the level of freindships and between nations, companies, states and ministries.We see that the arts will be placed in their proper context, as will medicine and bussiness. Already we begin to see this happening. He is harvesting the lost, yes, but this is part of restoring His Order to creation. His order is that men would see who the Son really is and then to know and love the Father.

As Christ forms Himself in us, the earth also will be placed in order. All that is rebelling against His Order will be made very manifest, so men will see His Kingdom more clearly, and be given an obvious choice. Jesus is in the act of coming. He is coming into us as we speak.

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