communioning into balance

..back to this theme of what it means for the different parts of God to touch one another in His Order…

as He integrates Himself through us, we see newer alignments and relations between one another. Sometimes what feels like odd connections are being formed!

John, in his amazing meditation on what fellowship is, goes on and on inviting people to fellowship with what He is fellowshiping with. What was he communing with–that vast love-filled space between The Father and The Son–that is the communioning space, and is what we get caught up in as we allow Him to commune through us with Himself in others.

We see misalignments between companies, states and people which have happened either based on our wounds, or on building based on the ideas of man, rather than the leading of the Spirit. When the spirit draws things together it for the delighting of the Divine in having the proper parts of Himself in the proper relation with one another. It is like His Arm actually connected to His Shoulder. This brings Him great joy as it is about His own integration.

We tend to think about our own integration as a private process, but the joints being properly fit together means we being properly related to others. Allowing Him to pick our friends and occupations is a starting point, for we come to know ourselves in relation. And we come to see our friendships as a meditation on Him and how He orders in order to reveal a fuller expression of Himself.

Religion has many false alignments between things. Our programs and practices can get us into the wrong relations with one another. But when we trully are led by His Spirit, we start to see relations forming which reveal His Nature. Just as companies often make “teams” of people who were never meant to be in relation, so do many of our religious institutions, making “teams” which were not formed by His Spirit. Not only is this not effective for manifesting His Kingdom, it is a misrepresentation of God!

Is He being allowed to be the choreographer or not? is one question. If not what vision is guiding our netting or relations, and what is being formed through them–ie what are they representing? What kind of painting is being portrayed. Often it is a painting about our own ideas of what we think would fit together, but that won’t last, nor will it–but by His Grace–bear real lasting fruit!

This is also true of our core beliefs–both personally and as a whole. When we overemphasize one idea, and do not balance it with others, we go off track. In spiritual terms, this is like not balancing Grace with Judgment, or over focusing on our need for repentance without balancing it with faith that God is able to trully forgive and restore. We then make an idol of our own guilt and block the spirit from flowing throug our lives.

In fact, all the core christian doctrines must be in balance to reveal truth. His Nature is integrated! So we know that the foundations are operating at all times, even when He is emphasizing one aspect of Himself. So Jesus is respledent King above, and He is also Warrior Chief below. He is healer, and He is builder. He is both the tender shepard and the one who will kill a bear if it gets too close to one of His kids. There is a balance within His Nature, which we must mirror when looking at our own doctrines and beliefs in order to reveal Him fully.

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