“Up, up! Over this generation

“Up, up! Over this generation a word, ARISE to take your mantel, to wear the multicolored robes of your heavenly attire. You are not the grunge ones, but my special namers, awake to succinct distintions in meaning and levels. Oh my true poets and originals-the entrepreneurs of the spirit. Don’t bash away from your becoming. This is the hour to break from under cynicism, and take up your leadership positions. The ones coming next are those on fire in Him, but you must name them and call them out, instruct and father them in your slanty wonderful way. You who were not fathered are called fathers of my movements on earth. I allow you to name the movements of My Hands on earth. You who rightfully cared not for position or recognition, have come out from religion to find me in the fields and cafes, in the galleries and on sofas you have stayed alive to My conversing with those I am drawing. Oh I love you and my zeal grows. You will not miss this chance to take up your call and be sung out as poems into the worlds I am now taking possession of-the art world waits for My Fragrance and direction and interpretation-to have its ceilings shattered. Already the grapes begin to fall onto the dry earth-your tongues will name their ripe mid-air becoming…

“For surely I will shake My hand…”

As the foundations of His church are being relaid on Him alone and His mad love, we call forth those elders who have waited patiently for this hour of His deeper incarnation in His People. We see the unity to come, as our own joints are beginning to touch and function in Power. And these being prepared, the ones just behind us-already shock us with the levels of heaven they download. Oh elders, oh church leaders-don’t miss this moment. Oh old friends who were birthed in the Jesus Movement, don’t miss this one. Here we are the intimate ones-a sign to you, an olive branch, being held out to help you come forth from the systems of the world, the systems of religion into the wide open fields of Christ!

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