Struck by this heavenly notion

Struck by this heavenly notion of spiritual generations. And the responsibility of each to carry its mantels, to play its part in His Drama. The father wants to pour into His House and fill it. He does so as each joint activates in its uniqueness. Our friends from the Jesus People movement are also being called out to be elders now, and we to help name them and those to come-together we will see many areas inhabited by Christ. A new level is open to us in this season, an open access. Many are being brought back to that simple place with Him to remember the name He gave them-to recall or learn for the first time who they are with Him, and then to allow Him to equip them with what they need in this season.

So many of us are just being asked to live out our lives from who we are with Him. He just wants to be with us in all we do. We went to a gathering a few weeks back, the prophets kept saying, eveyone is a full time minister. i get this. It is helping to guide us into that place of true identity-living from who we are above with Him. A generation reflects a certain aspect of Him-a seasonal aspect-one He is choosing to manifest on earth in His Order to build the full house. My father’s generation were reflecting that pastoral and teaching aspect of Him, then the jesus people came and that evangelistic aspect shone, then the apostolic and prophetic emerged…all together we are being built up as a spiritual house.

The church is being shaken at the foundations-that much is clear. What is great about the insecurity which that creates is we are opened to just coming to Him again and have Him tell us what it is all about!

Simultaneously, the levites are crossing into the land-learning much warfare as they inhabit world spaces before untouched by the general body. So as in the book of joshua, you see the general body being unitied, as the levites go in…

I see now He is moving us further out into the fields of just being-not our roles or positions-just making friends and family as we go. A bit more jewish! (don’t get me started!)

In England, got to hang with Drew and move together in God’s power-how cool to see those parts of jesus coming together-His Arm and His Eyes.And to hang with an old friend! God so seeks people to just let Him be Himself. It never was about ministry, but His Pleasure in being with us. As we let Him be Himself, and just tell us who we are, we find we are free to be ourselves.

Our names before the worlds. Our names before we got labelled by ourselves. These intimate friends of Jesus. Coming into who we truly are in heaven and living down from there.

Many are being shown who they are now, and that’s a journey. For me it has been asking Him to tell me the story of my life. And listening…

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