To enter and reflect different

To enter and reflect different aspects of Christ, as a way of getting to know Him Himself-the prophetic is to bless and help build up the church which is Him in His People; it is also then a way of getting to know hIm-lesser motivations quench and bend towards self-the inner motivation for prophecying is to get to know God and His Ways-the more I do it, the more I get to notice how He works, what are His Orientations, the specificities of His Actioning…somewhere along the line the church started doing ministry from a wrong inner motivation-something less than a way of getting to know and love God…it then became either about the person doing the ministering, or about spiritual experience for its own sake. God gives certain parts of Himself bec. He likes to make Himself known-prophecy is one aspect of who He is-the part which likes to reveal and express Himself, and the part which likes to encourage into Life His People. This is why Paul says to seek this gift above others-it is about getting to know this part of God which want to be known-the cross was an action of prophecy-it was God making His inner core be known to humanity. When we look at the cross as an act of prophecy, we see that this part of God is at His Core. Usually the grace or love of God is what is emphasized in interpretations of the cross, but there is also this prophetic dimension to it. God likes to express His Own Nature and make it known-this is prophecy-His Son being the fullest expression of God making a prophetic gesture towards all of creation.

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