Slavery-unpleasant word, God who is

Slavery-unpleasant word, God who is deliverer detest in that it reflects the ways of which are not His.

I will remember in America-land which should have and did for many cover and protect other nations-esp those who were not free to express their true evil seed got planted, slavery..

This week George Bush went to africa and stood before the nations in a slave house. He did not go under the weight of false shame, but as a strong leader to stand on the threshhold between his nations past and God’s future. The time of retribution is here for those africans who were forced to come to america…after all the angry trying to grab retribution, the time which God has selected to re-tribute this strong high authoritied people.

There is great authority about to rest on the black american church-out of detroit, atlanta and other cities you will se My Power. I have remembered this blight of My Own Intensions-I have not stopped hearing their prayers. Not through violence, but in My Power-the whisper of reconciliation will be heard from church to church.

Black men will be called on to speak My Words to the whole church and the world will listen-this is my retribution.

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