this job of being prophet…

this job of being prophet… for a season it is calling others in to taste the orchard… and then asking the orchard to come out of her chamber and offer her beauty to others who so DESPERATELY need it.

Let’s face it, we are underdeveloped in just receiving from God. He is growing two parts of his people. One is healing the masculine–letting his people father and call forth and spiritually carve into places that have been feared for too long. The other is the feminine–his church is the bride and she must receive his adornments and lavishing;;; France is a nation other nations are intimidated by because they think deep down inside they don’t deserve the feast… he showed me this by a photo of a French woman on a beach in her swimsuit with a long scarf blowing from her neck. Many women would find this impractical or showy–something for magazine ads–but why shouldn’t we rejoice in being a photo. Pleasure in a moment, wine on a bridge with the night water reflecting the church lights–is as much to be given as a powerful ministry. She needs to receive this loveliness of his garden, this expensive ravishing, and then also offer it to others. So France must invite others in and step out to teach, to offer.

Of course she is beautiful! our God made such a lovely verdant nation. Many people I know don’t believe they can actually receive it; actually being beautiful on the way to somewhere–even if no one sees you (especially if no one sees you), even if it is impractical. He puts His bride on a stage, will come wearing his beautiful city around him, john wrote. On a collective level, the church can’t handle this kind of being. Her state is very poor right now. If she were actually to live out her calling and receive her “bride-ness”–Jesus says she is rich; she should be rich, because she is engaged to the King of all reality.

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