it is sabbath day in

it is sabbath day in provence… stopping at a petrol stop where we find new time magazine cover “where did God go?” … it`s all about people leaving church forms in europe but finding new forms of meeting God. Dutch skateboard church, youth festivals in bosnia, alpha events in england, etc. the article is not mocking but actually seeing that god is showing up fresh in unexpected places on a continent that refused to include God in its constitution. quote “in church but not in church” as are we today… driving through southern france at a stop that has no less than 6 automat machines where u can get fresh pressed espresso in milk (cafe au lait!!) …light blue sky hits gold land stuffed in verdant valleys–we are in the place the impressionists no wonder made their paintings from… in france even the garbage is pink, praise god. it is so lovely lovely part of god. thank you lord for dijon mustard in cassis with choice of regional red wine at the truck stop.

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