Identity is held together in

Identity is held together in Him. First we know that we are wonderfully made Ps 139, and all the general stuff about being His brothers and sisters of whom He is not ashamed (Hebrews 2:11), and His children; but then we move on to the more particular things He says of you individually. Your unique way of reflecting God’s diversity of expression. For we are His Poems (Ephesians 2:10), and poems are uniquely nuanced…to know what He calls you and who you are with Him in Heaven is still the key to knowing how you are to be and live out on earth. Identity starts above!

There is this process of renaming that goes on as the old life and its patterns are dying off. In our wounds are stored many names that are not our true names, but are loud and dictative. He whispers your newer names from above, and they start to displace into faint echoes the old words over your life…

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