We are learning so much

We are learning so much about starting from above in this season. The principle of alignment with Heaven is central whether we are going to another nation, or to a coffee shop-how is He relating to that place or person-this is prophetic orientation. The part of Jesus which is evangelizing is also creative and dynamic and relational-so has many faces depending on the situation-you could call these styles, but it seems to me that they would be unique to the person and individual with some similar general characteristics. I know for a fact that God is relating differently to England than He is to Poland right now-for He has individual relations with each of these nations. So in England He is refining and preparing his People for a storm which will cause people to enter Him more deeply, burning off what is merely religious or social and grounding identity solely in Christ.In Poland, there is the preparation for fire beginning-they have a unique and different relation to the Jews for instance because of their national identity. So God is speaking into their situation in a unique way. We have to start with what Jesus said–I Do what I see My Father soing in Heaven!

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