As we approach the Jordan,

As we approach the Jordan, many will fall away-some from fear, some from lack of vision, some from the need for approval from man. Others will stand like the Priest with their feet on the edge of the harvest-overflowing river, and trust that he is able to push back the waters and use this as a sign for others behind them. Their is no hierarchy of calling here-just different positions. the general Body is getting refined and united while the Levites and Judahites are being asked to cross over and start possessing the land. Last year, God showed me how few are willing to enter this space of in between-mostly because it is not yet understoon by the general Body and so one feels as if they must stand alone (but who is alone in Him!). That space of not being understood is the gate into fellowshiping with His Suffering-what a privelege for a season to be misunderstood but get to stand in that part of Jesus!

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