My Plans are on a

My Plans are on a bigger scale than hours and weeks. I am placing a new level of My Son in my people in order to unify them in Him. It is necessary to allow a newer level of the incarnation of My Word into you!

Pilgrimage-which we are about to go on this summer is one participatory metaphore for what I want to do with the church in general-to take them out of a static “ministry” based understanding of My Son and INTO His actual Life which is on pilgrimage. the part of Jesus which is pilgrimaging. A few nations have understood this part of Jesus-Spain is one. Their collective prayer life reflects an expression of the stages of coming into Union. It would be good to study thier words in order to understand this part of what I am doing.

Yesterday-we did just that! Started to study the spainish mystics and believers to sense their collective prayer language. It is less accessible than some other nations (for instance it is less doctrinally direct than Germany say). But it is rich in texture. Teresa of Avila for instance describes the stages of prayer life in terms of carrying water to a garden. In the first stage, one gets water from a well-this is some work and requires dropping a bucket and pulling water up from below. This relates to the difficulties at first when one is praying to not be distracted by soul needs etc. The second stage is more passive and has to do with irrigation and so on..her words describe Christ Incarnation in His People not only our pilrimaging towards Him, but Him into us!! So much to learn from what each nation reflects of Christ!

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