Krakow has this sense of

Krakow has this sense of wanting to welcome and teach you about itself which only comes when a people know who they are. Among the artist this readied unrest which seemed like if Kingdom flow entered it would be received right into the art. Met musicians and pilgrims-there was a sense of God lining them up-making them ready. Poland historically has been a signal nation in the east-things which happen there soon follow in other nations.

I also bought a Hassidic Texan hat made in Italy-the combo of Jewish and Texan made me and my angels laugh audibly, and I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it as I salvage shoped along the funky arty streets of Krakow. We found a great space for an installation show in the future-annexed to an art school with a gothic cafe that hosts klezmer music weekly so has a jazzy jewish sway to it. Fun town, good trip and lots of spiritual insight-nice to get to know the Poles!

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