Great short shot to Poland.

Great short shot to Poland. Sturdy insurrectionalist! They didn’t come under in the midst-those guys stood stoically, humourously and downright heroically. Nice for both of us to feel a place where someone took a stand. They really are fire-starter people. Got to go to an amazing art installation which involved musicians playing to a sixty foot bird cage-they invoked the spirit of St Francis and the audience sort of got drawn into the prayer. the viewer space was like watching st. francis pray. the other rooms had large integrated graphic art in animal feeders for goats-with all live animals. This sense of placing art in nature in such a way which makes you aware of thier spiritual integration points.

Met the artist and got a private tour with the essential ideas imparted. Just a rich short journey this week. Lots of listening and historical perspective gained-studying the Jewish history as well. More soon!

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