joshua flew flags around the

joshua flew flags around the territory God had already taken-it was a way-in The Sprit-of saying God has already taken this much.

One city at a time the land was taken-and each city with different methods. On timing: I speak of when and how much and what method in scriptures a lot. This makes your moves on earth faith based. I am teaching when I offfer a method of taking land. As in Jericho, there was a way I took it which was Me teaching. God always teaches as He takes land.

If the book of Joshua is an actual “road map” to where we are heading spiritually-there are progressive areas in our lives that God is taking back-not just “out there” but inside of us. Areas where we have been hurt by others-especially those who follow Jesus. He wants all of us, and if it takes the whole journey just to get ALL of us, that is fine with Him!

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