So check this out. I

So check this out. I wake up this morning and feel a new day. March, the month of green. St. Patrick’s Day, my husband’s birthday and Purim the Jewish holiday are all on the same day this month. Which is very exciting for me because Purim is the special holiday when I feel like Jesus and I tied the knot. So it has all these symbolic resonances. I wake up feeling like I am going to wear green all month, and spend most of the morning spilling my guts in writing to God. It just felt like a joy day. I had a dream last night that I was wearing the green Chinese two-piece satin suit I bought in San Francisco and which I only wear for special occasions. So of course it is the first thing that falls (literally) off the hanger as I am looking for something to wear this morning.

We just felt joy today. God snapping bubble wrap in celebration of himself. Yes, lord!

I also feel the church today–the symbolic church. The growing body of Christ’s. Which is a typical Sunday thing, maybe, as people all over the world are sending up incense on this day. We decide to go down to the local “gospel brunch”–barbecue, breakfast and a local gospel group under one roof. You gotta experience it to believe it.

We also feel scotland and ireland today. We were talking green, you know. Thinking about the Irish. Derek is sad he missed Bruce Springsteen on t.v. the other night. But as we’re driving downtown we see a big sign “Bruce springsteen tonight”. We were both like, ‘no way.’ And of course they had tickets.

you ever have days like this. God madly snapping bubble wrap in celebration of his kids?! St. Patrick in heaven at the real concert.

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