good evening. this is another

good evening. this is another one of our duo blogs, which means at any moment Derek may interrupt me with–

“when I wake up, I feel the dream is dreaming me”

some kind of message from the black gospel church down the street.

“seriously, we went to gospel brunch last week with Shannon, jessica, Erika, Stacy and Nathan who works at an amazing furniture store in Houston called Cities. The choir sang and preached about joy, as we stuffed our face with barbecue. I saw at least 16 angels. I think we were in church.”

Is this quote/non-quote thing working?

Once again Andrew has inspired us to blog and we have no idea why. “It’s his motion on the page.”

We are 5 days away from the birthday of my husband, and thinking about visiting his favorite Jewish friend, Emily, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our trip here in Austin is coming to an end, and we’ll be finally heading back to Europe. But before we go all of our friends from England and California are coming together for a conference here. “We are looking forward to smelling them.”

We want to thank God for every single mocha we’ve drank since being here in the Lone Star state. Shout-outs to Little City, Starbucks (in which I calculated at least $100 in expenditures last month), Joe’s Java, CC’s (and we finally got to visit the original CC’s in New Orleans!), Barnes & Noble coffee, Quack’s, and the list goes on…

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