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Oh yes, another new design!

We can’t believe it, but this blog and site will be 9 years old this summer–right along with our marriage! (Our first post on the site was an essay about our wedding–must find that soon and repost it.)

After a recent crash-and-burn of the site we decided to haul the whole blog into WordPress and re-design it.

We have always wanted this site to be a place to write, specifically on spiritual topics. It was never very good as a ‘whatcha up to’ blog, although we never pretended it was. So the new design is really all about putting the words in front, nothing else. Of course with a bit of old book and circus thrown in. How could we get rid of that?

So if you’re a friend or just long-time reader, thank you for sticking with us–and we promise we’re gonna post here lots more this year!

VERY IMPORTANT: if you have been a feed subscriber (or wish to be), this is our new subscription link. Please update in your reader if you can.

tribe clock

I think I must be time-impaired. No matter how many times I figure out what nation/city/etc. is in what time zone, I still mix it up. We do call abroad just about every week now, but I still can’t imagine who is in what part of their day. So I made this handy clock; maybe we can all use it. It’s actually real time. I don’t know why I didn’t figure this out before, having a little page with lots of clocks, kind of like the stock market does with the new york/los angeles/tokyo/london thing, only a virtual version.

Call it the tribal reminder. (The image takes you to my clock page.)

tribal clock

invitation to visit

new website

…our new website!! Not to confuse things, but we have a website, the bearable light, that is aside from this here blog. Yes, it has been there all along, changing and growing. We’ve included a lot of new teachings and cleaned things up. Hope you enjoy our new house.

new blog day

So, here ’tis. Another version of our blog… we dropped the “sion bubbles” name because sometimes you outgrow things, right? Just to confuse things a bit, there is also a website at, and this is the blog part… Does anyone read non-blogs these days? Hmm.

At the moment there are some links that don’t go anywhere and other missing things, and I kept working on it to make sure it was all just right the way I wanted it, but I felt that Nudge telling me to not be such a perfectionist. Let it go as it goes.

Now for the techy minded people… In the process of moving everything around, I learned how to use Movable Type and Typepad and also investigated a whole host of other blog engines. (And ooh, Jess’s site is so pretty with Inknoise.) I still think Blogger is the easiest and simplest, but sometimes you just outgrow things. It’s really amazing how easily one can make a goodlooking website these days. I made my first one with the ghastly Microsoft Publisher back in 1997 when Geocities was the bomb, and boy it was horrid-looking. But I have learned so much. I am one of those geeks who really likes to look at code and solve problems, so I have learned a bunch along the way. The main thing I learned is that things change and change FAST. The internet is dynamic. I went without a computer for almost a year in Prague and during that time I got so “behind” all the changes in browsers and CSS code and stuff that I felt like I had to relearn everything. The exact day I installed Movable Type (the older version), both Blogger and Movable Type came out with new and improved versions. Ah well. But my advice is to enjoy the ride and choose the way that fits you most. As much as people try to put rules on it, the web is one of the few refreshing mediums in the world that hasn’t gotten so institutionalized and rule-bent that no one can make a go at it. Let’s hear an amen for that and hope it stays that way.