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Jesus is Lord over all of Reality. He is the King of the metaphysical and symbolic realms just as He is over every other dimension of Reality! Then He is the metaphysical God as well. His being fills the universe. This gives us freedom to explore Reality as a way of knowing God!

The mind of Christ is in the Father.

Fatherhood includes dwelling in the thoughts of God The Father– spending more and more time dwelling in the Father’s Thoughts.

His perceptions are higher than human’s, but He gives us access to them through Christ, His Son. His Mind is in Me—you have the part of Him focused on humanity, then you have this part of the Father’s Mind which is just thinking or being in its own thoughts. They are distinct beings, but have absolute communion or exchange with one another. Still, the Father has thoughts other than just humanity–He contemplates things beyond us.

God’s Fatherhood knows itself. It perceives its own thoughts–it has self awareness in other words. There is a space in Him which is perceiving Himself thinking. But also each person matters to Him. What a combination of thought life and serving His own little creatures!

The Father’s thoughts have no pressure around them! They are able to complete themselves! In the world, there are pressures, compressions. But in Him, none. He acts from Himself and self generates peace as an environment for His Own Thoughts to dwell in!

The Father is looking at the Son, the Son, at humanity.

Because God is one, His Perceptions, Thoughts, Feelings are all connected in Him. One can then enter all of these parts. Lately, I am feeling more from His Fatherhood, as well as Thinking more from/in it. I see a person from His perspective, and I feel His Feelings towards them. The Father’s thoughts and feelings are unique towards each person. And slightly different than Jesus’ though connected. It is almost like Jesus’ orientation is closer or more visceral, more immediate; but The Father’s includes an entire lifetime; a larger context to see from and feel from and think from.

The whole person is then addressed. The gaps between where that person is at, and the Father’s Ways are more acute to me now–including in my own life.

The Father’s whole perspective, makes the one you are looking at more whole. He is One, and He sees in wholeness of Oneness of being. The more of Him I carry, the more I see as one, or whole–the more whole my vision becomes.

God’s perceptions make things whole. Perceiving people from His Eyes, makes them more whole. It is a ministry to look at the world through The Father’s Eyes!

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