Teachers and Those who carry the Ark

Gary Sange, a poet with poetry for wallpaper

Shared this poem first back then-

The one about ponies dark kind eyes beside a highway

Somewhere I don’t remember.

There was twilight slowly bounding forth

And some other tone to that evening

Which came often into that classroom

For those of us who still cared

Beneath the false florescent lights of learning.

Still, something about the nature and position of his passion

Transfixed us into some other dwelling, far

From buildings and closer to our beings.

Some time even earlier in our lives

We had noticed the gentle caresses between animals- and the geometry of animal flight

And imagined the soft suction of those pilot fish beneath the bellies

Of a thousand sharks in some unseen fathomless place.

It was like that–scuba diving tenderly into an uncaged zoo

Of what we really knew

For each of us!

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