the epistemology of light

I cannot be taken away from.

He has made me as I am-

connected ray or beam passing through

invisible chasm, over

the contours of a heart i cannot see.

A path in Him can only be

a wavelength, never interrupted…

Enjoy me, or not; be illuminated or bored

I do not care anymore

the roads above are made of light

I am here as I am, to shine-

Multifarious diademic gem on His Staff, or a diamond mine


On His robe, nearby His Heart.

And I will glow because of my location there

Because He enjoys it as sunrise passing

through the thread of dusk

And I will serve with myself; this husk will be a prism!

I am translucent

His Wisdom turns

the right color towards you

His emblazoned words emit

in a complimentary way

I am a translator of light, and

Light knows by shining. This

Is the epistemology of light

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